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22nd April 2006( Extract from the ' Diary of an Non entity' )
by Pellas

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This is my diary, I once read a book called 'Diary of a Nobody' , I thought at the time well if he's a nobody what the hell am I? I actually felt envious of the main character. I now think it's time to write my non-story ; Welcome to A Diary of a Nonentity .

22nd April 2006

I lay on the sofa , in a daze I felt a frustration deep within my bones and a lethargy creeping into the brain. As I continued to mourn my loss of a non -job, my numbness was interrupted by a ring at the doorbell. I jumped , wondering who the hell could that be ?

As I cautiously opened the front door , I was shocked ; before me ,it was HER , the Indian beauty was at my doorstep holding a wallet.

‘Hello Sir , you dropped this in our shop.’ She handed me the wallet with a piercing ,telepathic smile.

‘Errr, thank you so much!’ I didn’t even realise that I had lost it! I was still in shock.

“ Please come in for a moment" I asked , wondering how did she even know where I lived. She proceeded to enter the passage and followed me into my room”.I was surprised at how much smaller she appeared now that she was right next to me .This only increased the awe that she filled me with . I shakily offered her a cup of tea.

I even told her I use tea massalla if she preferred it that way..

“OK , I’ll have some “ . she smiled. I could not believe this was happening and would not even imagine what was to follow. We drank tea and she told me I was one of the best customers that visited the shop , she asked me my name……as I told her she touched my hand with hers .

‘Simon........,’ she said, as her smile faded into a more sinister glare. she casually pulled off her jumper.Her long shiny hair sprang into my face. She then unfastened her bra and let if fall onto the floor.I stared at her weathered, slightly drooping , but genuiniely attractive and naturally shaped breasts . In an instant I was comparing the the real experience before me with the thousands of synthetic polymer versions I had become used to viewing

over many years of relying on mens magazines; the real thing was so much more horny. The Indian beauty then said ‘come closer ..’as she resumed her piercing smile.. and her lips approached mine and slid all over them, locking them into a succulent ,wobbly seal .I felt the Kundalini explode within me, as a serpent vibrated within the core of my being . This could not be happening ..Yet it was , I was being transformed . Nothing would be the same again ,after a sexual awakening of this magnitude. It was timeless , without beginning or end, I surrendered to her higher power in every way . I was totally passive apart for my instinctive lunge toward her breast with my left hand. I caressed her erect nipple ……

…..and it was over in seconds.

I now needed a wash , I quickly dressed in order to enter the common passage of the building .I opened my door and peered over to see if the bathroom was free…....shit! It’s that damned old git Francis ,he takes ages to expel a number two and it takes even longer for the air to clear afterwards. I had to get back into my room. I managed to wash my self by half -climbing into the small hand washing basin in the corner of the room. I changed clothes then sat back in the sofa again . I looked at my bedside cabinet staring at the wallet upon its surface , which I never lost .And how would she know where I live ? She probably doesn’t even know of my existence.

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