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To whoever is reading this,

Why is there pain? why do we suffer? why do others suffer more than us? Why can someone suffer for something they have no control over? Questions I myself have asked for what seems like millennia with no good answer. With dark skinned people being shot, rich getting away with rape, white getting away with rape, the mixed being unable to go into one of the groups society has defined due to our skins. The fact that books of old time will use words like nigger and Negroe. Every time I see someone use those words a bit of my heart breaks. Why is it that Americans preach equality like the Pope preaches Jesus but Americans can’t ever see how they aren’t equal or treat others equally, something I myself have been at fault of. Why is it that our entertainers have to struggle for years to be respected, go through drugs, and homelessness, and economical drought for years. We are all born equal but due to our families blood, our money, our color, we are put down by the man whoever that may be for you, for me it is the rich white who don’t give a fuck about us, about the poor, about the kids involved in drugs because of where they grew up. How can it be 2017 and yet our black people in America have been oppressed for 400 years to the most of my knowledge, it was probably more. We need patience, love, help, caring, and people to love everyone they see no matter their color, education, economical state or anything other than their actions. Is it bad that everytime I see injustice, I care a bit less than before? It widdles down every time I see it since I get used to it. Is it bad I hate when someone calls the Native Americans, the first people to colonize America with their tribes, American Indians? Why do we still do this, it’s been centuries. Why do we have schools that show children a religion, that teach them one belief without exposing them to any other, raising them to believe their belief is correct. Why do so many people not realize all of their rights, so many people don’t know that they can sit down and stay quiet during the pledge of allegiance. So many people don’t see that they’re sheep when they stand up and put their hand on their heart and swear to be an American. “ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.” - John F Kennedy. This is a statement that the entire essence of I cannot agree with or hold. I do not owe this country a thing, if I pay my taxes without dispute then there is nothing more that I owe this country. I realize that this statement means that we should help our community, our city, our town, our county, our country first, but we shouldn’t be confined to what we can see but rather who we surround ourself with. With the beauty of the internet I am able to talk to men and women who I wouldn’t meet otherwise, why should I help those in my city before my friends in England? Why do religions have to be “right”? Why can’t we all be correct? Why can’t we feel that everyone else is correct just as we are? How do you know that you’re correct, that God is a white old man with a beard, or a black dude, or George Lucas, or Neil DeGrasse Tyson? How do you know that there is God or not, that there is only reincarnation, that we are just stars? Hopefully one day I will look back on this feeble piece of writing during this emotional state and see the answers to every question I asked, everything I wrote I will see the answer to and feel that I’ve grown, or maybe I will remain as ignorant in the next life as I am now.

I do want to thank Logic, or Bobby Tarantino, or Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, whatever alias you wish to use, for his album Everybody that inspired these words to cross my mind, I do not expect or wish to gain profit through this nor any recognition,If I do gain any sort of profit from this I will sent to Logic as he is who inspired this, I just want to have someone see this and feel this pain that I’ve felt and seeped into these words.

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  • MusicalBri says

    Love the thought, but it is all over. As am I, still a child in school, I do hear these words. And as do I, bring up the same facts you did. People use them as a joke, but they don't seem to understand. So let me say, the best of luck to you, as I will to
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