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A Shot to Kill the Pain
by amarisastra

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I met a boy who knew the meaning behind the phrase "A shot to kill the pain". He hid behind art and a face full of hair. They were his shields, placed by his mind in fight against the memories. But some days, they just weren't enough. His eyes sparkled sadness and his hands began to shake. It wouldn't be much longer.

And that day he walked in completely lost. Everything crashed into him at once and there was nothing anyone could do. The shaking became more violent - resembling the deadliest of earthquakes. And that was it. He was gone...screaming at everything to shut up, clutching his head like it dared to roll off. A helping touch was fire that seemed to burn him further to his own grave he'd begun to dig.

A few days later and he was back to himself. But a ghost hung over his shoulder. That same ghost, that replayed in his mind every day. It spoke sweetly, telling him it was time to go. And he pondered the idea - there was no reason to stay anymore.

"Please don't go away."

And it's heaven to think that that line saved his life in grade 12. Because he was lied to - no one wanted him gone.


This is my short essay - I suppose - on an actual event that I witnessed in my last year of high school.

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