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Blessings—the most sought after word by all of us .To dawn each day with a blessing to make every minute meaningful and blissful is a wish every one of us dream of. It is said that the angels are roaming around us and they keep on saying “let it be so” to every thought of us. We have been always taught to think good inn order to seize their blessings into our life castle.
Blessings are blessed twice in bringing about happiness as it seeks good luck to the receiver and it makes the giver certainly feel a sense of goodness on having done an act of motivation. Every religion insists on getting blessings before initiating any work as the well -wishers around us ready to shower blessings.
Though it is apparent when we bless, we definitely wish that our blessings should be given a fair chance of becoming true. Since the wise men are known to pour blessings and wish for universal goodness, let us consider here this matter from the mind setting of common people. Are we not selfish in blessing, hat is to say, we seek those special reward in disguise! Once again, let us not consider here the blessings for any common goodness that expect a social welfare to happen. All the blessings we wish to pour are guided by our personal intention and selfish motive. We want all our near and dear ones to have a way of life as desired by them as well as by us. Hence the readiness to wish and bless is there.
The words that are spelled by certain persons definitely turn out true. It requires a great amount of beauty in mind to look for only goodness for ever and for all so as to attain that perfect position wherein the utterances will always be held true by The Almighty himself. But for the rest of us, it is not the selfless attitude that controls our wishes. It is quite justified, since priority is attached to the favourable happenings to the close-by persons by every common man. Depending upon the degree of sincerity affiliated to a blessing, these selfish blessings do turn out true many times. Though, these blessings pertain to a limited circle, here also our Creator himself wishes us to get the things done as desired. Hence, whether it is selfish or selfless, a blessing spins around the weightage assorted to it and accordingly it spreads its fruit.
As no one ever dares to think otherwise of any in temples, it was the habit in good old days to go to temples wherein every one seeks goodness. In today’s terminology, this is named as positive vibration that performs the magic and so we are asked to have positive thinking. If a great passage of many individual steps involving personal betterment is laid side by side , a fine outcome is sure to happen as the coherent effect will be a state of welfare to all since the complementary steps will lead us definitely through a platform of common welfare.
In that case, are we as the whole human kind not blessed by Him with a simple formula to derive at this grand result? Since Our Lord has created us with the beauty of heart to give blessings, it is evident that He must have blessed us with the simplest version as well to be beneficiaries and benefactors. The whole philosophy that is synthesized so simply in a very simple form to be comprehendible as well as applicable at all times by all is just simply assuring ourselves with the three simple words that too to seek blessings for all—ALL IS WELL.

Mallika Chari,

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