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Story of the Sapphire
by Xenolize

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It was time of 2775, in the homeland of Veldari, it was a casual day of trainings in combat sword fighting. “Clink, Thwok, Clash” is all the sounds you hear of swords intercepting each other. “You really put up a good fight my friend” said Grif, as he pants tiredly of the continuous fight with his friend Delta. “You too, you make a worthy competitor, let us continue.” They both continue on fighting, Grif let a out heavily blow, Delta dodge quickly, and trip Grif, but at a split second he jumped back up, and let a powerful barrage waves of attacks, sending Delta back 30 inches away. Delta charged up, did a one hundred and eighty degrees kick, but Grif was to fast for him, and caught his leg at the blink of the eye, tossed him down, and before Delta even got up, Grif’s sword was already at Delta’s neck. “Good game Delta, work on your stamina and endurance. Reaction is not pointless my friend, it will come in handy” said Grif. Delta node with agreement. “Alright, looks like Grif has won this round, good fighting to both of you, now, line back up” said Nexan.

The rounds of sword fighting kept going on, relentlessly everyone started to tire out, but there was one final round of sword fighting. Grif was against a cold-blooded Sapphire soldier Sion. Sion was quiet all the time, and sneaky around the base, which made which made Grif think that it was very unusual of him as though clearly he see’s Sion sneaking in at night. “You may begin” as Nexan commanded. Both soldiers draw out there swords, making a “Ssssslk” sound, they both circled each other, waiting for one to attack, sweat leaks down Grif’s head, while Sion’s face had no expression. Finally, Sion went full-on attack, which Grif knew immediately post pone he will make that move, quickly thinking, Grif dodged the landing blow and elbowed him straight through the ground. Sion slide right quickly before Grif had the chance to fully bring him down, and as Grif fell to the pavement, Sion saw his chance, he let out a powerful longitude blow, Grif saw the blade as it comes closer to him, quickly, he rolled over to the side, and jumped back up. Sion came charging again, as Grif predicted, and both of their swords collided with such force it had pushed them both back opposite side of each other. Both the soldiers were sweating, and as both of them had no patience, started diving in, blow after blow, finally, Grif had done a slide under Sion, and fully tackled him to the ground, Sion’s face was on the pavement, his mouth was covered in rocks and minerals. “Alright, that’s enough. Grif and Sion, you both did very good, now line back up.” As both of the soldiers lined back up, Sion made a quick glance at Grif, Grif pretended not to notice. “Alright boys, you all did well today, now, go back to your rooms, tomorrow, be up by 7:30 AM sharp, as our commander sir Power wants to talk with you all.” said Nexan. All the soldiers saluted, and yelled out “Yes sir!” But Grif saw Sion said nothing. So then they all went back to their rooms, and prepared for a good night sleep, as Grif and Delta were both walking down to their rooms, Delta asked “Grif, is their something going on?” “Yes, i’m getting really suspicious on Sion, he has been lurking around headquarters around midnight, their must be something going on, possibly a threat to us” replied back said Grif “Let us watch at midnight, to see where this “comrade” is going, we will need some evidence of him lurking around headquarters at night, of course that is very suspicious, we should bring a camera with us, to record the evidence.” said Delta “I agree, meet me at outside my room” Grif replied back, Delta nodded.

11 past 50, Delta grabbed his camera, wore his uniform on to fade in with the darkness, and went to Grif’s room, where he spotted him laying on the floor, and slowly walked to him. “Alright, let’s see where this guy is going” whispered Grif. Delta quietly walked to the short bush, as Grif was in a camouflage suit, so he was alright. Both Grif and Delta waited for the next 20 minutes, until they spotted something walking in the shadows of the moon reflecting the figure. “There he is, let us see where he is going.” as Grif whispered quietly to Delta. Grif and Delta slowly followed him, and they were anxious of where Sion was going, finally, Sion led them to the communication base, but unaware that Sion was being followed. As Grif was walking, he almost fell over a brick, causing a small sound. Sion turned his back at the split second, he thinks in his head “There must be someone here, or it’s just those pesky mosquitos and insects.” Sion turned back, and walked upon the door of the communication room, he pulled out a card, and carefully slid it through the door, and open the door trying to not make a sound. Grif and Delta quickly followed him, and as Sion moved through the door, the room was dark, Grif and Delta quickly slid through the door, and took positions in areas that they could not be seen. The room of the communication was relatively big. Both the curious comrades kept on looking at Sion, as Sion is still unaware he is being watched. Sion quickly moved up to the main computer communication system, he slowly typed in a code, which a few seconds later, a screen popped up, and knowingly Sion spoke to the picture, which it seems to be just a sound sensor. “General Director, I have the location of the base of Sapphire Military, it is Southeast of Planet Veldari, sector 9VG10-4 sir.” Grif and Delta were shocked, as they have been recorded when they both silently followed Sion. Slowly, Delta signaled Grif to go, Grif nodded. And slowly, they both walked out the door, stupidly Sion left it open, as he was mainly focused on the computer.

Once they were both out the door, they quickly, but silently dashed to the Grand Prime’s office, bursting in. “What the hell is going on?” said the Grand Prime Xelari “Why are you two out in the middle of the night? You know it is very disrespectful to just burst in like that you tw~” Xelari’s words were cut off “Sir, this is very important, one of our comrades, or let’s say an imposture, has been making communications with Project Freelancer. We both recorded to show you evidence sir” said Grif. He pulled out his camera, and showed the video to the Grand Prime. His face was filled with shocked and anger. The Grand Prime slammed his hand down the table, creating a large sound that made the table have a crack. “We need to do something about this really qui~” Xelari’s words were cut off by the sound of Ships, landing ships. The door in the Grand Prime’s room busted open, 3 hostiles, the Grand Prime quickly pulled out his gun and shot the three hostiles directly on their forward. “Grif! Sound the alarm, code red! Delta! Turn on the speakers and get my Microphone! Quickly now!”
To be continued.

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