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by Tara

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I don't believe this.
You were supposed to be my best friend.
You were there for me in the beginning,
What happened?
Why did you stop caring about me?
Why did you start only caring about yourself?
Why didn't you do anything when I was hurting?
Were you too busy to notice?
Or could you just not tell?
How could you leave me in the dark?
In addition, how could you stop including me in your life?
How could you forget about me,
And leave me in the dust?
How could you cut me out of every nook and crevice of your world?
Am I no longer good enough for you?
For every single little thing you did that upset me, I blamed myself.
It's my fault you think I'm a slut.
I'm the reason you're always judging me.
I told myself, it's my fault.
Shes my best friend.
She wouldn't say these things if they weren't true.
She wouldn't say these things if I didn't deserve them.
Every last comment.
Even the ones about my family.
Even though they were the only ones there for me, when you weren't.
Even those times when you didn't say something straight, I know what you implied.
And I caught those comments too.
Every single one.
But you know what?
My sisters don't deserve that.
And nether do I.

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