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Schools should cut funding for extracurricular activities such a
by soodimilani

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The author contends in a case that school buildings need to be repaired, schools ought to eliminate funding for extracurricular activities like sports and arts. This is a contention with which I generally disagree for following reasons.
To begin with, the expression of ‘’in need’’ that author used is so extreme. It could differ from case by case. For instance, the repair issue could be highly fundamental such as problem with heating system or destruction of the roof; otherwise it might be related to the something about the appearance of the building such as antiquated painting. Obviously, the first kind of repair is necessary to give attention to since it will interfere with the educational and academic mission of the school; however, the second kind is not convincing enough to cut the funding from after-school activities. The extracurricular activities although are not the main focus and goal of the schools, they are so crucial to enrich students for the social life. I would think that every school should have a reasonable definition of the ‘’in need’’. In some situations it could be prudent to eliminate funding from sports or arts; sometimes it is not.
Additionally, schools possibly can find some other resources to provide the money for repairing the buildings rather than simply cutting the funding from after-schools activities. In particular, a school could request grants from the government or any other organization which could help the school with repair matters. According to the importance of the extracurricular activities, it is worth trying to find other resources. Even a school can consider the option of taking out an interest-free loan or a low interest rate one from a bank.
Moreover, if the request for funding did not receive any appropriate response, it does not mean that there is no other field in the school itself to eliminate the funding of. Let’s take the example of the weekly visit of the museums. Probably the school can reduce this plan from weekly to monthly – if does not make any problem for the learning process- in order to reduce the costs and save money for repair expenses; especially when a school has for example a successful football team that all students enjoy playing in it or pursuing it, the school should apply its maximum attempt to save it.
However, it is possible that there would not be any other funding resources or any other field to cut the funding of. In this case a school has to eliminate the funding of extracurricular activities because any ignorance of the repair matters – especially fundamental ones- would interrupt the education process.
Ultimately, I mainly disagree with the solution that the author mentioned in the topic unless a school has to do so. In fact, there are other alternatives which a school can consider to provide the funding such as requesting for a government grant or taking out a low interest loan form a bank.

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