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Story of a Girl
by Claire1023

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Once upon a time there was a little girl. She lived in a normal house, went to a normal school. . . . and every day would eat her normal meals. Her life was pure as winter's fallen snow Her family cherished this little girl and loved her with all their hearts. She had many friends who also loved and cherished her as well. They said she was nice and pretty told her they were always by her side. Her life was apparently perfect.. . . .. But. . . there was a dark side to this little girl. A day after school she went for a walk outside and sat on a bench. It was cloudy and the wind blew hard. Don't do it, it called to her, why would you, you are loved. tears trickled down her face and soon a stream of crimson flowed out from her tiny wrist. Why did you do it a voice called in her head, you are loved, your are cherished, why. That was the question but the little girl spoke and replied, because they lie. She continued this for four years until one day her mom saw the scars on her precious little girl. Fear struck the girls heart and she soon ran outside and cut some more. A thought swelled up inside her head and soon emerged into a roaring wave. Again the voice spoke and asked why. The girl looked at herself, then at the broken shard in her hand and replied. Because. . . . .I don't want to hurt anymore and with that her world turned black.

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