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Pondering Life and Death: A Brief from a Medium
by MisterMax

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The dead are a sense of comfort to me, as is their nature to do so. I don’t believe that comfort specifically is their intention though. I believe they are only doing what the universe does naturally; this being, that malice is nonexistent. So, the dead are only keeping with this positive equilibrium.

Newton’s 3rd Law states that, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed; only transferred.” The universe transfers energy, being our souls, from one plane of energy (life and death) to another to keep this equilibrium mentioned. The universe transfers our energies within single planes of energy as well. Even though are energy, or soul, is kept within the physical shell that we call living, are energies still radiate past them. So, the universe balances our radiating energies, through interactions with other radiating energies at specific times and places (time being an illusion to the our plane of energy and place only existing because of our physical shells; all of this I will explain shortly). What occurs is what we consider “positive” and “negative” experiences. But, as I stated, the universe is non existent of malice, as well as benevolence. There are no good or bad experiences.

The dead are on a plain of energy that is higher than ours because they are not contained in the physical shell we have. This does not make one plane of energy “better” than another though. They are there and we are here because the universe is keeping equilibrium. Our energies transfer and move in the way they are supposed to.

Because this concept seems so intangible, it is hard to grasp as a solid theory. But think of life and death from the different perspectives of energy planes. The perspective of our plane of energy, seeing birth as a “new” energy, is as illusionary as the destruction of life in death. This is because what we see is death is birth to a/the higher plane of energy. But, because they are on a higher plane of energy, they obtain all knowledge of the plane “below” them. They are, what we call, pure love. They are aware of the universe’s “doings”. Because of this, they are what we perceive as “perfect” and complete “positivity”. The dead only interact with us to aid the universe. They are on a “higher” plane of energy, not in a physical shell, so they are beyond emotions and act only as should be. This not stated though as the universe being some supreme overlord. Energy is mindless, so it only has the capacity to be.

What we are left with is where we began. How ironic, because “life” and “death” can be seen as a united and or cyclical system as well. Us, being on this “lower” plane, exposes us to the healthy challenge of fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) directed to what is unknown. Our energies are currently on a “lower” plane at this present moment for a reason. This leaving and entering energy is going to where it should, in the present moment; to keep balance in the Universe.

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