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The Twisted Life
by Naman Enticer

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Life is twisted :
What a twist life gives us, Present tense is simplest tense where Probability of grammatical error is the least !!
Whereas Past and future tense always harassed us !! But in Real life Truhh happines comes with the streak of memories of Past or by the expectations and plannings of Future !!
Present Don't quench people generally !! This is a big diffrence of practical and theoretical Life !!
In books we read that The sense of righteousness,meekness,honesty etc have Herculean power !! But at the Same tym in Real life we see umpteen Factors countering them !!
Be logical Be practical Else you would be crushed in between throng of Wananchi !!
P.S - i am not t telling you to become a Perpetrator,i am just telling you Open ur eyes up !!

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