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If I Were to Run
by MisterMax

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What if I stopped typing this,
And just got up from this seat

I just got up and bolted through the doors and started running

Half-way down the turnpike I’d probably start thinking of what I just left

My wallet for one contains my I.D.s, both legal and school, as well as my debit cards
But I would be currently running, so I wouldn’t need them
At least for now

But that thinking is not in the present moment
That’s assuming I will be unprepared for my destination
When in reality, I can’t be unprepared for an unknown destination
I would be currently, running

My forward momentum might slow down due to the psychological engravings of capitalism because I would remember I just left my laptop on the table of a public space

I wouldn’t want someone to take it

I wouldn’t want someone to take this it
This thing
This it I just left

But I would pick-up back to a pace I felt is right because the unknown destination has no object prerequisites
This is the journey

Also I think frantically running away from your seat at Starbucks seems more sane than to run down the turnpike with an open laptop

I would also be leaving a journal and pen behind as well, but they can keep the wallet and laptop company in the same way

But what about my family and friends?
Well, what about them?
Nothing is happening to them

The journey is given such a stigma or pressure because of the emphasis on the destination

Yes, I would be running for me, but that doesn’t mean I can’t run to them along the way
My journey can include the ones I love
That’s not some failure or leaving your path

The decisions I make along the way will only aid my growth as a person
My growth as I run along my path

It’s ideal to make decisions that are healthy for you and others

But, ironically enough, we sometimes make decisions we don’t know are unhealthy due to the same forces that tell us what we should be doing
The journey meets society’s standards

I’ll do my thing

After all, this is my journey

Not everyone will approve of your journey, strangers or loved ones
But they can’t help it

They are just comparing their journey to yours
Sometimes you might catch yourself doing that to others

Believe in your journey

Because you want your destinations to be yours
And the journey will always be the Now

So, I run

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