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The sky
by Andrew Merk

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i look to the sky alot, i stare and wonder what is it? what is my importance? if any....
i contemplate suicide from theese thoughts... theres nothing i can do to reach out, theres nothing i can do to see the rest of exsistance... if i exsist in the fourth dimension why can i not take it to advantage , why cant i see beyond sight? in my life time will i explore what is on this planet alone? its far off my goal of knowing everything but its a start right? what does death look like? i wonder alot... what is the experience... what is after? i want to test it because thats the only way to really know, i want to die so i can tell the world what its like, im sure many people do.... but that is imposible that is..... crazy?
im so verry tired of the circles i run in. im so verry bored of what has been offerd to me... i want more i want a reaso to in hale i want a reason to sleep i want a reason to continue this travel through the >100 years i have which is depressing because thts all i have, i know i wont experience eternity i know i wont see the tomorrow after life.......
life is a cruel joke... even an ape knows that when its taught death is definiate.........

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  • '53 Margaux says

    This is a very powerful and depressing argument. Personally, I try to focus on the positives. It is kind of like star wars, as I see it. You choose your side. You choose how happy you want to be. You choose everything. Death's easy - no more choices!
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  • davbeau says

    You get from life what you put in - you have the possibility to do nothing or a lot - it's all up to you - you want what? You don't even know because you haven't bothered to even think much less do. You are bored only because you are boring.
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  • alexxis0nfire says

    I really like the idea of suicide in this piece as a way of showing a sort of rush to discover unanswerable questions of the universe. However I feel like more questions could be asked that provide a deeper sense of the characters (your) existentialism.
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  • Avas8197 says

    If you ever want to talk about life... I'm always here to talk!! I love you!!
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