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British Culture
by StillN0tDre

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There never really was a point I heard about British values and the nationalism associated with it. Its just a thing you pick up upon over time. But unlike most things that you pick up over time, this specific one caught my attention. So I decided to research into the matter by looking into the history of the nation and just simply asking the people around me on their thoughts and views on the subject. What I noticed between both forms of research was that historically Britain had a clear culture and clear set of values whereas now it seems that we do not have one which the majority can clearly define.

I found this to be important as a nation without a culture is really no nation at all. If your nationality only applies to the place where you was born then you may as well not have that nationality. Culture is what separates man from animals, its what stops us from being brutal savage creatures who only have thought for themselves and no one else. And this is what the UK currently is, a collection of individualistic people who only show compassion to gain popularity in some form.

This isn't an issue which a piece of legislation at Westminster or a change in the education system can fix. What needs to change is the British people and the best route to go down to achieve this would be to remind everyone what it means to be British. So to be British means you have a love of freedom as well as order. You believe you should be able to fully able to express yourself and allow others around you to do the same. But freedom will come at a cost for others, so you should also be able to except others to be considerate with their freedom and not impose their will upon others by having a sense of order in that respect. So in other words to be British is to be fair and polite. If you want Britain to return to this way of life then apply these values to yourself and others shall follow.

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