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Outsourcing: Go to jail. Go directly to jail.
by assass1nate

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Welcome to the wide world of outsourcing! An exciting world filled with many benefits at the expense of others. Outsourcing can be very beneficial to developing nations like China. However, these benefits do not come cheap to the American working class. Many developing nations are growing at record rates and at the same time Americans are paying the expense of the expanse.
What is outsourcing anyways? Outsourcing is a verb frequently chanted by the CEOs of MNCs or Multi-national corporations. It is basically the act of moving work away from American soil and planting large plants in poverty ridden nations such as India and China.
The act of outsourcing is common in the United States because it is very costly for American business owners to purchase work from the American working force. It now costs a company over seven dollars an hour to pay an American worker to do the same work a Chinese or Indian employee will do for under a dollar a day. This puts money into India and China’s economy thus it must be a win-win right? Wrong, although large businesses do save a ton of money by outsourcing to China allowing them to spend more money in our economy and the production of cheap cars and computers enables more people to purchase these products, outsourcing cripples our economy. Outsourcing pummels America into submission and forces previously well-off families into poverty.
The truth about outsourcing is that no matter how much money it saves big business, no matter how many jobs it opens up in India, and no matter how much money it puts into each country’s economy it is still costing hardworking Americans their jobs and their livelihoods. Although it is important to expand the global economy, America should first focus on expanding her own economy. She should focus on the families residing on her own soil.
The other hidden truth about outsourcing is it destroys any chance of small businesses prospering. While MNCs are outsourcing to India for cheap labor, no small business in the same field will ever survive. No matter how many people in the community support small business, they will never be able to compete with the likes of Walmart or Ford. Jim Jackson’s Engine Sales will never stay afloat as long as Ford is making engines for half the price as Jim does. This is not only bad for Jim but also bad for every single American who buys a car or who shops at Walmart. The truth is that once outsourcing drives the word small-business into extinction, MNCs will monopolize the market and charge us all Boardwalk-size rent.
Although outsourcing can be very beneficial to MNCs and to developing nations, in the end it will come back to haunt each and every one of us. Outsourcing leads to monopolies and the extinction of not only small business but also the working class. The working class will slowly diffuse into the lower class and a small few may paddle their way into the upper class. Superficially, outsourcing looks like dream come true. A win-win for both nations participating but a inspection on the molecular level shows one that outsourcing is not a dream but a nightmare.

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