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the cloud
by charm anon

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Its like this
I feel like I have lived all my life to this point under a thick cloud. I can only see the things around me, same as everyone else. I eat what I eat because everyone else does. I watch what we are meant to watch on TV, I do what it is we all do. Because this is the way it is. This is how its always been since I was a little kid. This is life.
I aim to be successful, make money, buy a house, a car, maybe even a boat! because being successful and having possessions are what makes for a successful life.
This is life, it is what it is and why even waste a second thinking it may be otherwise? You can not see the cloud when your under it and staring at your own two feet.
But then I looked up and realized and now I know where I want to be. I want to be on top of the cloud, out in the space and the sunlight. I want to be up there living my real life, the way it is meant to be.
Because I have come to realize, life isn't about what you achieve and what you acquire. It is about what you give.
We are not here to be voids, sucking like parasites to all life has to offer. We are here to conduct. We are all made of energy, the goodness of the universe flows inside us all. It is our job to transmit that energy into the right places. We must transform that energy into positivity and spread it outwards.
Threw this release, and the release of letting go of our possessions we become light enough to float threw the cloud and bathe in the sunlight.

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