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Poetry (Spiritual)

Breathe Free
by kitzkan

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Breathe Free

Amongst the crowd, I see her captivating the attention of many,
At first I am amused by her zeal, I see her dance away to her heart,
Beauty to her tune, she lends light to myriad candles on the way.
She continues to flutter, but to no one does she belong to,
I beam at her tenderness with a will to blend in, to engulf her charisma.

Souls of many she steals, leaving a question to the source of her radiance,
Enchanted in her lilt I ask, to which she unburdens an aching heart.
Dazed I seek, how can you spark wonder when you are the owner of a bleeding past?
I carry her response day and night, for what she said was one’s desire.

If not for the pain, then how does one feel another’s withered wings?
The power of healing, I now realize, is the taste to dance without chains.
She departs leaving a print in mind’s eye with a final glow she says,

Nurture the inside burn, for that is the key to your bliss,
Bestow ecstasy to the neighbouring, get drunk in your freedom.
Waltz away to life’s symphony – Breathe Free.

Kitty Jose

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