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Poetry (Other)

by miss_rambler

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If you can’t deal with the fact that I can eat half a box of frosted mini wheats when I’m feeling down, or lose my phone more often than I have it, or smoke a pack a day. If you can’t deal with the fact that I can rock a different dress everyday for a week but still never do my hair and have and uninhibited loathing for high heels. If you can’t deal with the fact that I can’t talk to people if there are over three in a room, If you don’t understand why I love rock music over hip hop, or why Led Zepplin is so motherfucking beautiful playing on a record machine, if you can’t deal with the fact that I stole a bottle of nail polish and a some cds from the store when I was 15 years old. If you can’t understand that I want to hike the Appalachian trail, visit California and surf the ocean, live in Arizona and paint the sunset, but still come back and visit this place one day, if you can’t understand the thrill of topping out your motorcycle that you just bought rocking no. 303 blazing red lava lipstick with your hair blowing behind you in the wind like redemption flying through the longest stretch of open road you could find that seemed safe to travel on without a license, If you can’t understand how it feels to sit out in your rusted 1999 Ford ranger staring at the stars with wanderlust every single night listening to music because your truck is stuck in park, and maybe so are you and you’re hoping that something better is out there somewhere, that’s okay. If you can’t relate to the fact that I’m just starting to be able to relate to anything worth relating to, if you don’t understand that I have a few anarchistic bones in me, a few communist, socialist, and republican, realist, pessimist, boring and white, and ones the color of the rainbow with E=mc2 tattooed on them, If you can’t understand that neither I or anyone else can fit inside the black outline of the cardboard box that is society’s expectations, If you can’t understand that all of us are the product of a million other different people and situations and that one small thing could have changed us forever but fate happened and here we are, that’s okay. I understand. I don’t understand you either.

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