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Poetry (Tragedy)

It's hard to say [the Abyss] /can also be a song\
by Jazzien32

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Step back and listen close,
Lets talk about the people who lose hope.
Hanging onto every harsh word ever told to them.
Playing it over and over in there head, again and again!
They keep there emotions in there head,
Knowing no one will see the tears they shed!
By day they smile and and laugh just like the rest of us,
But by night there banging there head on the back wall hoping they go fucken nuts!
Hoping they will get and escape,
Watching as every dream they ever had deflate.
Some are lucky enough to just go numb.
Weather they get use to it, ignore, escape it, use pain pills or rum.
Now you might be asking me how I know so much about this.
But I will tell you again, it's hard to see who is really stuck in the abyss
The abyss of loneliness
The abyss of darkness
The abyss of the hopeless
The abyss of weakness
The abyss of blackness
It's hard to say
If they will ever see the light of day
But I know when there are people like you
To help us get threw
I count on you
You help me get move
Move from the stale air, I've trapped my in
You make me grin
My head spin
Let's hope your light won't wear thin

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