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Poetry (Spiritual)

"Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop"
by esoterrorca

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Here I go again walking out the door
for better or worse I have to be coerced
not knowing if I'll walk back into you
or something worse.

Distance between us today cannot be measured in miles or hours;
when past experience mars the faith
that in this window
I'll see you again is shaken forevermore.

Lives in peril;
somehow you repeatedly jettison the recommendations
and attempt to rewrite the prescription
as if health always on the mend
can by upheld by your constitution.

I left you with too much hesitation -
all the while the risk much greater to me
should I choose to stay;
too many times with grace you pulled through
but to defy the odds in advance
when none of us can predict the future
you're remarkably certain
while you insist I'm acting too prematurely.

She once needed your support
but the more you thought you did right by her
the worse it got.
I'm not paralyzed by immobility
but I rely on you the way she did -
for acknowledgement of what your promises
can't bear out when the fruit of life
won't let any of us take another bite.

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