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Poetry (Comedy)

Once upon a Jaegar Bomb
by macstoire

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Once upon a Jaegar-bomb
Doesn’t happen
There’s always a second round

Once upon two Jaegar-bombs
Animation accelerates as the volume uplifts
And new bonds are created with enthusiasm
So a third round is ruptured

Once upon three Jaegar-bombs
Confidences lifted so the hips start swinging
And feet start tapping as the energy is rising
Infectious embarkation of the dance floor
Gives all a taste for more

Once upon four Jaegar-bombs
Wild dancing raises heat so progression moves outside
Where the self professed ex-smoker turns out to be a lie
But it’s ok because it’s past the point of reality
Or is it?
Had better get another round in to help find out

Once upon five Jaegar-bombs
Probably is a very wicked fun
And could be chatting with someperson new
If words in the coming order are out in?
Or where I am
But I know where the bar is somehow

Once upon six Jaegar-bombs

Waking in a moment of delusion
Hoping to figure out the surroundings
And fill in the gaps of what was

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