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Live Life They'll Say
by KevinB

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And now each night I count the stars.
And now each night I count my scars.
Funny how the numbers match
Life has been more than just a scratch

Everybody's laughing,
Everybody's hurting,
Everybody's learning, that this is all...
Just living.

Yesterday we were winning games of tag on the playground.
And now today I watch the twinning arms of my watch go round.
The words of which my heart has spoken have me bound.
I have vowed to keep the world around.

And now Everybody's partying,
Everybody's kissing,
Everybody's drinking, saying they are...
Just living.

Tomorrow we stand divided.
Those who wish to help, and those undecided.
And now each night I have decided,
To help those indecisives choose.
By showing them the world we must not lose.

Everybody's living,
Everybody's thinking,
Everybody's Loving,

But me I'm only sinking,
Further into the puddle of a melted heart.
I'll give my life but it's just a start.

Everybody's living,
Everybody's living.

My life devoted to keep them all that way.
And the next of them, if I may.
Forever and ever, Live life they'll say.

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