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Happy everywhere
by Harish

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For everyone in love...(one sided)
You walked past me,
As if I wasn't even there,
When would you come to know,
You are the only one I dear.
The time I saw you first,
It's feel still wrangle somewhere,
Makes me blush as you reappear.
I still remember those days,
Talked for hours on topic never known and clear,
Loathed we both the separations,
Detested even the evening air,
Climbing past adversities I feared,
Gave to you all I had near,
Made me feel you love me more than ever...
Corner of your eyes melted down to my leer,
Confessed they I wasn't one they feared...
Still trying hoping magic happens somewhere,
Loneliness engulfed me sometime I remember,
Drenched in fake smile,
Saw you I from somewhere
Hoping you'd be happy everywhere...
Please let me know if you like it...hak...

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