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Turn the Tide
by quagsire299

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A quick little slice is all it takes
To make the pain disappear.
The mask she wears quickly breaks.
Her heart drowns in fear.
The bracelets worn to cover the scars
Rub up and down her wrist.
This story I tell is about an inner war
That surely comes with a twist.
A girl so torn inside and out
Could never imagine a life
Without the terrible screams and shouts
Or without her arm and a knife.

A belt was all this girl would need
To take her final breath.
But just before she did the deed
She asked for help instead.
Tears would fall and words were shared
This girl was saved that night.
A single call to one who cared
Proved she would be alright.

Of course there were the ups and downs;
Those horrid green hospital gowns.
But the girl swore not to drown,
Instead she promised to get out.
A cut to the face was all it took
To send her back inside.
All that was needed was one look
In a mirror to turn the tide.

In the room, white-walled and small
She curled up in her bed.
This girl remembered that one call
The night she lived instead.
One more try was all she had
Left inside her heart.
She dropped the knife from her hand
And swore not to fall apart.

A jump to the girl’s life today,
Her life with a new view;
I promised that she would not stay
In such a dreadful brew.
This twist came to her very fast
She never saw him coming.
But now she hopes that they will last
For he’s absolutely stunning.
A happily ever after dream
May just be in sight.
When she’s with him you’ve never seen
A girl who shines so bright.

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