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The Look of Love
by quagsire299

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The look of love is a simple one.
It’s full of laughter, full of fun.
It has many shapes and many faces,
And can be seen in many places.
The look of love is simple and sweet.
It can come with a blush and a glance at your feet.
Or maybe it is strong and bold;
The look you give when you’ve struck gold!
Repetition, yes, that’s it too,
Remember the book, If They Put Me in the Zoo?
Grandma read it many times,
It’s just so good! It even rhymes!
Want to play the matching game?
Every Friday was the same.
Make a fort with Papa first,
Boy would we work up a thirst!
The look of love is preparation,
Kool Aid was always our salvation!
Oatmeal Pies and Spaghetti-o’s,
Lollipops and Oreos!
Time to put the kids to bed.
X marks the spot on my forehead.
Grab a cat and cuddle up.
Papa brings in some 7-up.
I lived it then and will always know,
The look of love is for all to show.
Papa and Grandma, you taught me well,
For that I thank you because now I can tell…
The look of love in one word is bliss,
The look of love looks like this.

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