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Poetry (Other)

Don't have one yet I'm still thinking of one
by Austin Puff

The sun shines so bright even in days like now,
A world full of corrupt people all around,
Most are weighed with sadness bringing them down,
People try and try to rise from the ground,

It's so bright in the cold never growing dim,
I feel sorry for this world for we harm it so,
The state of this world slowly becoming grim,
Everyone needs this and that always on the go,

As the seasons change we will always remain,
They go by fast as we leave them behind,
The sun keeps its pace while we move cause of pain,
We keep moving forward as our true selves hide,

But for now just worry catching the bus,
The sun will burn on forever just for us.

(I'm new at this so if you have any tips or advise that can help please let me know, thank you for reading this because I know this is really bad)

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