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Dancing with Insanity
by SuperNikkay

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I take his hand
He pulls me close
and whispers what I yearn to hear
I slip into his safe domain
my walls collapse
I reveal all behind my persona
I am weak
I am vulnerable.
I am me.

He spins me around
twisting me in his web of deceit
but I am oblivious
to his plans
too tangled in his love
I believe all he claims
It’s the best I’ve heard
It’s the most I’ve heard.
All I’ve heard.

But then his grip turns tight
his words no longer sweet
his eyes flashed with an unholy resent
I was too stupid to notice
too stupid to care
too stupid in love.

I’m dancing with insanity,
he was lying all along
I fell head first into love
the pitiful epitome
Of everything I promised not to be.

I’m sitting in a padded room.
Telling the nice lady
of the first time
the first time we danced
she nods and smiles.
She’s an angel, I think.
I hope.

I danced with insanity.

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