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The Path
by Bradmer12

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Let's make a path of leaves and stone
To trail into the great unknown.
We'll travel into foggy fields
That slumber while their wonder yields
Forgiveness and enchanted chance
Below the endless hourglass
Constructed from our thoughts and dreams
Though maddening and unpristine.
Its sand is bursting from its seams
And rushing down our streams.

Our path continues onward still
Through vacant plains and barren hills.
The trees grow keys to free our minds
From all the fears our hearts may find.
And when this path abruptly ends,
In the same way which it begins,
We'll hum and hold our heads up high
Preparing for our last goodbye.
Like old decaying castle walls,
There's only time before we fall.
Though once magnificent and grand,
It's hard to hold such shaky hands
And hard to share such silent plans
To travel distant lands.

The tallest trees all tumble down
And fill the forest's filthy ground.
The tree trunks fall about our feet
To veil the ancient floor beneath.
And years from now, all overgrown,
Our path surrenders all alone
To static friction in the air
Surrounded by the silent stares
Of animals that graze the grass
And gaze through our old hourglass.
Cause someday soon out trail will die.
Its spirit will unhinge and fly,
But evil cannot apprehend
Or comprehend such innocence.
So now we'll build our path again
And this time it will never end.

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