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Poetry (Romance)

by JeshSpysznyk

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And his heart simultaneously grew colder, he was in a phase, of love that can never be gripped in such a conformed world.

He's too scared to keep trying, as he feels he's lost his motivation, and too scared to let go, because he's never felt that warmth she provided solely from a glance of her dark chocolate eyes.

He's stuck in a purgatory of his own unparalleled love, her love for him slowly faded away, her eyes grew lifeless towards him after every passing day, the warmth soon begun to blow away, like the transition of the seasons, Summer to Fall and ultimately Winter.

His lies, not spoken out from only guilt but from love also, it started. He cared so much, that ironically the past he tried to bury would eventually dig itself out, at the happiest moment of his life.

His emotions are mixed, not of melancholy or anger, but of grief and guilt. He wonders when he'll wake up from this self induced coma, for all he wants is to wake up to when things were still good so they could still be together by the love that used to intertwine them.

He wronged her, and by doing so under the ever real love he has for her.. He wronged himself. He killed himself from the inside, living emptier by the day, only living by the promise, memories and the thought of her warm, brown eyes he fell in love with.

They respect each other too much to end things completely for it wasn't a "forever goodbye" but more a "if God willing".

He was so weighed on by his pessimistic thoughts, that he forgot who she really was. She was pure, innocent and incapable of such. A small but powerful light still burned inside him, after everything that happened, her brown eyes never lost life, they got brighter and more beautiful.

Poetry is the only way I think I could explain how I feel. I'm relieved, and for you I'll move on, maybe one day our paths will come together again. I love you, and please take care.

He, His and Him.

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