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Poetry (Romance)

If I could do it again
by Little_Soph

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If I could do it again...
Snow would fly upwards, into the sky-
shooting away with a swift goodbye.
Down below the ground would quake,
as winter tree's would start to wake.
Their faltered slumber teasing the wind,
blurring shades of grass, starting to sing.

All the while, I'd stand amidst,
the uncurling brown leaf,
so imbued with wit,
holding close that single belief,
that I could start again,
and save the grief.

Unwind the clock, re-turn the cogs,
snap away that biting chill-
be gone with winter and bask in the sun,
melt away howls, so harsh and trill.

Inhale my last breath and smile in the light,
regain the words that tumbled at night.
So less plausible than before,
I'd step in closer,
and pause...
Pause for a breath,
for a smile,
for a feeling,
pause and rewind that entire evening.

I wish it was, what could have been,
beyond the memory of what I've seen,
your shimmering eyes, so wide and bright,
a flickering pigment of crystal light.
And then that drop, the instant pause-
the moment that I lost it all.

If I could do it again...
I would say nothing...Nothing at all...

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