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Poetry (Romance)

A broken heart
by bleubloods

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Broken pieces in Carmine
Alas, a slow beating heart,
shattered sympathy on the ground
countless feet trod on,
pretty shoes trampled down
leave the trace to be cleaned
the stain got washed away
only the injured heart stays,
time after time

One gloomy day,
the man in suit
naked feet, with no shoes
walked a long way through the dirt
That foot touched the poor heart
the man stop,
kind eyes glance down the ground
the broken heart was there
right after his feet,
ready to be crushed down.
oh, darling, he said
two hands shoveled the pieces
wiped the stain on his sleeve
put the heart in his palm
thereupon, rubbed it tenderly
carry the warmness to the core

“Close your eyes darling,
you are with me now.”

the man then kept the heart safe
inside his zipped pocket
where his heart beating.

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