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Poetry (Romance)

You're Beautiful Pt. 2
by YesthatsmeKB

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Okay now I know this might be too much but I'm a guy of feelings
Lately I've been feeling down I think I need some healing
These poems or letters are the one thing keeping me up
I try my best to hold my head but its as if the world is on my shoulders and they are aching up
Writing this to you motivates me in every aspect of life
Thinking of you simply makes me feel alive
In 10 years I hope that you're my wife
I hope you give me a chance and don't throw me out like some trash
I hope you understand my feelings for you and give a guy a glance
I want to take a peek in to your heart and fill it big and wide
With all the memories and fun you would have by my side
I would treat you like a princess made of glass
So I hope you don't look through me like I'm some piece of broken glass
I hope you pay attention to me and polish me up
I hope that you're the super glue that helps me stand up
I hope that our love stands forever and it lasts
I know I might not be your first but I pray that I am your last.
I hope our story lives for generations
and that the grandchildren of our grandchildren will not forget the past
I see you as if you're made of gold and your steps leave sparkling diamonds
I see you as if you're the only girl for me and no one else matters
So please don't break my heart and leave it in matter

And if you still say no after this I will not debate you it won't matter.
Because I would have already fought for you and I would be tired
As time goes on my heart will heal
And I hope you don't make a deal and get trapped in a marriage

Just know that I'll be here for you waiting in your carriage

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