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Poetry (Satire)

No. 84 ; Kent
by Pellas

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I went to Kent today , on business
As I passed the borders of London
I saw Kent was still covered in snow!
The people I made contact with;
All of them spoke good English.
There were beautiful houses in Kent
Yet there was something different
The people in Kent are not like us.
They live in an entirely separate
geographic location .
What's worse 'Kent' is like
another similarly sounding,
horrible word in English.

It's time the people of London
declared war on Kent.
Apart from the two reasons mentioned
There are more of us in London
We stand a good chance of winning.
Let's invade Kent.
It's time the people of London
stood up and claimed what is theirs!
Imagine , like 1914 : the pageantry
The sound of drums, and brass bands
Strapping young men marching to war.
It brings tears to my eyes
Lets go and kill the bastards!

(From The incomplete Works of Pellas, volume ll)

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