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Poetry (Satire)

Oh sir, Dear Sir
by NeonSnow

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Oh Sir, dear Sir

Can I take this mask off?

Will you go running off as well

Along with the other strangers

Oh Sir, dear Sir

It's awfully hot in these clothes

Long pants and shirts

That hide my body

Would you mind if I didn't wear them?

Oh Sir Stranger, dear Stranger

Could you yield me some freedom?

Some air for these lungs?

My wounds need healing

My scars yearn for time time

My soul craves rest.

Oh Sir dear Sir

This pain is too great

I’m resigned to my fate

You just stood by and watched

But at least you never left.

Oh Sir, dear Sir

Give me rest

I feel myself cave

So start digging my grave

For when these storms bring me down.


I need freedom, my good Sir
I need space
some pencil and paper, good Sir,
I require your fall.

But oh Sir, dear Sir
I confess, it's not your wish
for my dream to bear fruit

I apologize

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