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Poetry (Satire)

Stoned Immaculate (Final Re-revision)
by Stoned Immaculate

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I'm Stoned Immaculate
Not Immaculately Stoned!

Stoned Immaculate
The savant inebriated; levitating
To echelons where cultivated
Visionaries stand; ascending
To astral pyramids;
Hazy eyes admire hieroglyphs
Depicting prudent tenants;
Prophesies of harmonious

On the stellar perimeter
Witness vinification of mind.
Visions illumine radiance like
Crescent moons adorn
Tranquil Starry Nights.
Remove all veils,
All chains, be free!
Find The Doors
To Gutenberg
I left the keys.
Immaculate with me.

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