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Poetry (Spiritual)

"Graveyard Shift"
by esoterrorca

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"Here lies _____"
and nothing else was read on his epitaph
about the man who walked through life
never showing the right side
oh yes, he could laugh
but people mistook his joy for their fright.

A little different as a child
reduced, cajoled and ridiculed;
In adulthood he should have been part of a world
where he was celebrated not for his eccentricities
but for the manner of his will
that brought him this far
when as a child he thought himself too weak he never could.

He took to his grave
the tales he spun to those closest to him;
the lies were perpetuated by conventions life demanded.

He came in as he went out:
aimless, spineless and penniless.
If he spoke it would never be a sob or cry
more a dog's death whimper begging for its demise.

Loyal to a fault
guilt-ridden and gilded
by the shame instilled, he found himself in the middle
until the days were their own worst reminder of what could've been simple.

He sought refuge where a child would
until that place was no longer vacant; .
memories penetrated the safe-haven
He had to come out - stand on his own two feet
but paralyzed by a world of his own making
God couldn't indulge;
someone who was closest had to help him live this fantasy
if he were ever to see sanity.

A disservice was done to him
but in no way was this a crime of immaturity;
for what his years lacked in his identity
he made up for in blind resolve that one day his wildest dreams
would yield fortune - whatever he wanted just to be on his own

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