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Letter to a loved one

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Yo I'm sat here thinking what the fuck
Another night where I've pushed my luck
What was I doing ? Another night lost another night gone
When the fuck will I realise its time to come upon
No reality in this blur of a life
Another night pushing away my one chance of a wife
I don't blame you for pushing me away
What the fuck could I come back with what could I say?
I'm so seriously stupid but I'm really not thick
But I always end up acting like a dick
I've got two kids that really are the best
But I'm too blind to what's in front of me Cos my heads proper west
In you I've found the girl that's my soulmate
But I mess it up by being selfish and having myself to hate
You don't realise how much you mean to me
That's why it frustrates me when you question me daily
I see the girls all the time cos I know there hard work
Not to see Amy and to be a sly jerk
Minnie isn't sleeping and that has a knock on effect
I'm just trying to make sure their sorted a dose of happiness I inject
I'm not doing it for Amy but in a way it helps her
I'm not trying to go round and socialise with her
I love you proper love and I really do mean it
All the relationships I've had in the past really were complete dog shit
I'm trying to do best my kids cos I lacked a father
A choice of drinking and women that's the choice that he'd rather
I know it looks daft me going to her house
But I'm not doing it for me or her I'm using my nouse
If only you could see all my previous girls
You'd realise they were rocks and your precious pearls
I'm not kidding when I say that me and Amy are over
I'll only get back with her when hell freezes over
Please understand and please bloody listen
It kills my head thinking I've got to ask your permission
Going silent and not talking leaving me hanging
Makes me feel down and the wall my heads banging
I'm not in this for a joke or a temporary thing
I don't think you realise your my everything
Stop being insecure and listen when I say
That I've not had this before and my desire for you grows every day
When I say that your fit and that you've the best body I've seen
It's because I mean it and I say what I mean
I don't like wasting words Cos words are important
Instead of waving my jaw and speaking no content
I love you for you boo I know you've been hurt
But I don't wanna be the guy who drags your heart through the dirt
I know I act daft and I know I act stupid
But we were out together by an angel who calls himself Cupid
You say that you love me and that I couldn't love more than you do
So why don't you trust me when I say that I adore you
I don't wanna go on about the wrongs in our love
Because we have too many rights and we fit like a glove
I'd kill for you id do anything you asked
As long as were open and no secrets are masked
I've been sent to look over the girl with it all
The girl who acts to humble and precious who walks proud and walks tall
You don't show your weak side but when you do I can see it
Nobody can come between what we have we'll tell em go eat shit
I'm 32 years of age and I'm getting wise in my years
Too many times have I ended in tears
I'm hard on the outside but warm to the core
Spent a lot of my youth constantly chasing more
With you I have everything and it's so fucking amazing
For the rest of my life your eyes I'll be gazing
See I've been through some shit which makes me know
That your the best thing to happen to me and I can't let you go
I love what you've accomplished and what you've achieved
Because of your character and in yourself you believed
All the money around you don't mean shit to me
All I want is my partner to love me
You can't buy true love and you can't buy connection
Your the only person who gives me an erection
I'm going on and I really should stop
But I can't emphasise enough that I think your top
Ace to chill with and make each other laugh
Spending time together as we forge our own path
One thing I'll ask is no more bull shit
I can't hack the silence and no texts Cos I feel shit
I think of it like and this might come Accros morbid
But what if something happened and our last words we'd regretted I hope god does forbid
Why should we fall out? Are we not in this together
Are we not in this through thick and thin no matter the weather?
Are we not madly in love to each other were true?
Are we not planning our lives together saying one day " I do "
Have you not fallen out with boyfriends of the past?
And then totally realised why that man didn't last?
Am I not the one who loves you for you?
Am I not the one who I've only ever called my boo?
Do you see that I love you so fucking dearly
And not one of my past things comes close to this not nearly
I didn't meet you till now cos now I understand
That your truly special I'm the ocean your my land
I've never felt so strongly and loving
When I met you my heart removed others by shoving
No girl in my heart and no other girl on my body
Cos I'm not shallow like that it's messed up and shoddy
I wear my heart on my sleeve and my love for you is well known
Looking back I can see how my desire for you has grown

Lucy let me love you and listen when I say what I say
Realise that I fancy you proper and love chilling with Ca
I'm yours for as long as you need me By your side I'll be strong
Cos I truly know your my soulmate without you just feels wrong
I'll love you and cherish every breath that you take
In the near future another life we will make
I'm gonna stop now and end with your saying

Everything happens for a reason boo
Together we'll be staying

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