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Poetry (Spiritual)

The one time I let you love
by QuitingIsEasy

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From Heart to Brain
today you let me become hurt
You let me become broken and scared as if I were replaceable
Shattered, disfigured, unrepairable..
You let me become loving, caring, you let me become so venerable to the same pain many others have felt before me...
Today I found out why you prefer to show no emotions
Today you let me down...

From Brain to Heart
In the first time In a long time I let you love...
I let you care for something and someone other then Yourself.
I let you swing and hand on every word she said every "I love you",
every "forever".
I let you become venerable and open,
But you are not the only one who is hurt I am also...
What you feel is merely a response to a pain that will go away with time...
I will be stuck on her forever, I will forever remember the questions she asked that I left unanswered.
I will forever know that she was our first crush
and that ever second away from her felt like an eternity
and the moment spent talking to her was always special.
She was our first kiss,
our first love and without her you will hurt...
Because today not only did a piece of you die but a piece of me will never be able to live again.

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