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Poetry (Spiritual)

"Afraid of the Dark"
by esoterrorca

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To be afraid of the dark -
grappling senselessly with the unknown
because we're all alone.

Lay your head down on a pillow in reluctance;
images of misgivings play tricks when you're somewhere
between a memory
and drifting off to unconsciousness.

The past is just as palpable
embedded in the present;
when you're afraid of the dark
the days grow longer in your weary despair.

Instead of conquering fear
we look over our shoulders
waiting for a judge and jury to appear
when we should be carefree
for only what is not meant to be clear
should no longer hold us back
should we regret choices
that will only
make us rehash them in nightmares.

We were bolder for the absence of light.
We were stars colliding not by some celestial accident
but for once in our lives in our own right.

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