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Poetry (Spiritual)

The Heart of Dreams
by loveallmusic

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Like a dolphin swimming alone in the ocean
Life is sad if you just dream and go through the motion

Let your dreams follow your heart
If not now - when - you must start

If you dream your life away
Then your heart has wasted another day

Live in the moment not in the past
That is how the heart is,cast

Another night alone in your bed
Because you hold your dreams so tight in your head

When you awake in the morning it is very clear
Your heart dreamed - alone in fear

Dreams are for fools it is said
If you dream for too long your heart will be dead

If you don't let your heart be free from your dreams
Then dreams are nothing but sleep - so it seems

We shouldn't dream our lives away
It makes the heart die more each day

You settle for mediocrity to placate your head
But in the morning your heart is weary from values that you she's

The heart of dreams if not let go and fed
Will die a painful death alone in your head

You must free your heart from the bondage of dreams
Or it will split apart at the fragile seams

Like 2 dolphins swimming together in the sea
My heart of dreams has set me free

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