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Poetry (Spiritual)

Raven's Song
by SongofSoulS

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And so the raven cries
echoing through the grounds
I hear it from my bed
here as I lay
a sweet smile on my face
hands rest on my stomach
I hear the raven
he sits somewhere to my right
he cries
and cries
far into the night
My pillow is too stoney
So I rise to walk a bit
the grounds are so peaceful at this time
mists swirl about my legs
as i knock the dew from the blades
so serene
Terrified to make a sound
as I glide through the grounds
The raven still crying
as night melts to morn
I lay back down
my pillow still stone
I read it yet again
my name
my birth
my death
"I hear the Raven cry"
And he does cry
As the Sun wakes the living

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