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Poetry (Tragedy)

How I spend valentines day
by Slamminsamj

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It doesn't matter, I don't matter
There is no value in a heart that's shattered
I have lied in the words I've spoken
It's never better when your still broken
There is no way to fix this curse
Born to die broken since birth
Stay away no don't come near
I don't want my curse to affect you dear
Run run as fast as you can
Try to escape this broken man
Cuts they bleed scars they fade
Like people who came and never stayed
Avoid me, god has made his choice
I'm but a man without a voice
A walking man who may look the same
Made of self hate, pain and shame
If I help you up take your leave
I don't want that basic need
Haunted by the past, scared to love
You don't want to know the thoughts I'm thinking of

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