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Poetry (Tragedy)

End his life (edited)
by Slamminsamj

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The pain and lies is too much to bare
But he doesn't cry he just looks up and stares
He has no faith believes in no one
He is filled with hate he blocks out the sun
Darkness engulfs his surroundings
Beauty's a hoax not a real thing
He had her he was glad
Gone in a blur but he wasn't mad
It was worse he was disappointed
Happiness dispersed he forgot he was anointed
By god he was blessed
Left alone he was a mess
Darkness so dense he couldn't see
Thoughts so intense how could it be
He had so much so much to live for
He held a firm clutch to hells door
Chose not to knock chose to suffer
He needs no clock times just a buffer
In velvety fluid he found salvation
His life he would ruin with exacerbation
He has lost oneself and done what's forbidden
He cut himself and forever will keep it hidden
Until one day at last come judgement
He won't let himself pass calling it justice
Stuck forever in a nameless land
Still uses a knife like a lever and cuts his hand
His blood falls soon will be the end of his strife
He knows it all he caused the end of his life

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