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Poetry (Tragedy)

by Keely Jane

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Dirty and disheveled

No shoes on his feet

Tired and famished

No food to eat

His pockets empty

His last penny spent

All that remains

A hole and some lint

All he owns in a basket

A box for a bed

A story written in a notebook

This is what it read:

"I was sixteen when I left

Nearly twenty two when I returned

My left arm completely gone

My right severely burned

I wasn't just a boy

I was so much more

I was a soldier

An asset to a war

I gave my all

I nearly gave my life

I survived the struggle

Now I struggle to survive

I was dealt a bad hand

The system had four aces

I went all in

And came out among the faceless faces"

As I finished reading

I thought it somewhat strange

For all that I owe this man

Why does he only ask for change?

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