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From the 7th diary entry of Stewy Lemmon's childhood fun adventures.

WOW, it was Christmas Eve again already, it goes to show time flies when you’re having fun and winter was amongst us. This year’s weather was awfully cold, with the temperature dropping to only two degrees, it was freezing outside. I said to my parents, it seems to be a silly season for this time of year and without any real good reason.

My dad had gathered some wood for our warm fireplace he had made for us inside, as we all sang songs and ate our multi coloured marshmallows off the wooden sticks, to make us feel yummy once inside our tummy.

Then my mum Flo said, with her cheeks as red as a rose, from the heat of the fire, which was making her cheeks glow. Why don't we drive to the snow for a couple of days and stay to have some fun in the snow!

So the next morning dad packed up the car, with skis, gloves, boots, jackets and even some ski chains for the slippery wet tar.

Mum packed the food, drinks, tooth brushes and even a hair brush and a comb. Then we hopped into the overloaded car and headed off west in search of the snow.

We finally arrived at the Shivermetimbers Ski Lodge and the manager Monty Lopez was there to greet us and gave us the keys to our regular lodge. It’s a funny job, by the way, for a bloke that can't even ski due to vertigo, unbalanced and all.

Once inside our weekend lodge we quickly lit the enormous fireplace, which was built smack in the middle of the very large lounge room.

My mum and dad had their own bedroom, my much older identical twin sisters Emma and Jemma had the ski loft and my little brother Lemmy, Smoochy and I had the fold-out bed that popped out from the couch.

The next morning we all had bacon and eggs and drank hot chocolate, except for dad who preferred his hot cup of tea.

After breakfast the manager Monty Lopez said to my mum Flo and identical twin sisters they can have free ski lessons down the back tracks for an hour or so.
But after only about ten or fifteen minutes with the Shivermetimbers ski instructor Stefan Pettersson from North Poland, they just simply gave up.

Not just because every time they tried to stand up, all three of them kept falling flat on their backs, but because Stefan Pettersson could not speak a word of English, unlike his distant English speaking cousins in South Poland.

I'm sure he was a great ski teacher, but maybe needed to learn the language of the South as well, so he could explain to the tourist from English speaking countries, what he needed them to do, to stay on their feet.

Meanwhile my dad and his old and very funny friend Trevor Thomas Timberlake, whom dad has always called Triple T for short, were hiding in the retreats garage making another Christmas surprise.

While Smoochy, Lemmy and I were trying to peek in and see what they were doing, we heard loud noises like, Boom, Buzz, Bang, Clunk, Clink, Clank, Smack, Swat, Slap and even heave-ho. We couldn't wait to see what they had made after all of that noise.

Then while we were walking back to grab a soft drink and a nibble to eat, BANG the garage doors opened and we saw our Christmas surprise.

It was Trevor Thomas Timberlake dressed up in a very colourful Santa outfit, if you think that was funny wait, for who do you think was pulling Santa's even more colourful sleigh?

It was the manager Monty Lopez's eight very small pet Chiqaua’s, who didn't look like they were that strong to pull Santa's sleigh and dad's old and very funny friend Triple T.

All the kids and I were ever so pleased. I even noticed Smoochy with a bit of a glee. Santa Trevor and his chosen helpers, my identical twin sisters Emma and Jemma, gave out the presents to all of the children that were staying at the Shivermetimbers Ski Lodge.

In the late afternoon mum had made a big barrel of fruit snacks for everyone to share. We were all about to start to eat, but all of sudden we heard an almighty big crash.

For Monty's eight very small pet Chiqaua's were spooked by my grouse pet mouse Smoochy. He had startled them all and made Triple T's Santa Sleigh stack right into the table. With the fruit barrel sitting on top, the big crash had tossed the barrel of fruit onto the ground and it rolled down the slippery snow ski slopes.

Everybody rushed over to see all of the mess, but actually it turned out to be quite good looking, more or less. For mums fruit snack had all spilled out and had created a real cool, very cold and quite colourful rainbow snack in the snow.

I named that accidental creation of a mess - “The Sensationally Spilt Rainbow Snow Snack on Slippery Ski Slope".

Then we all decided to head back to our family's very large shack and have chicken nuggets with tomato sauce of course, instead of mums colourful fruit snack.

The next morning we went and saw the mess again from the night before. My dad came up with a clever idea, and he and Triple T made some square wooden boxes in such quick style.

We then gathered up all of the mess and packed it all into the wooden boxes and then made some very cool, fruit coloured solid snow bricks. We were going to make some igloos out of the colourful bricks and try and spend a whole night sleeping inside.

It wouldn't be that cold inside an igloo we thought, Eskimos do it all of the time and they don't seem to catch that many colds.

When morning had come we awoke to find the very cool, fruit coloured solid snow bricks had all melted away and we were lying in not so very cool, fruit coloured soggy snow slush.

We laughed and cried and hurried inside to get ourselves dried. I called that creation “The very cool, fruit coloured bricks, that just didn't stick".

Then mum said gather up all of that not so very cool, fruit coloured soggy snow slush and I will create you a new all time favourite colourful fruit creation.

She had put the slush and the fruit into several ice trays and had placed solid sticks over each block and made them stick out a bit, from each of their ends. She then cut holes in the middle of some plastic cups and placed the cups on one of the ends.

After a while our very cool, frozen fruit delight was ready to bite. We all had one and yelled out yum, good on ya mum, for not only did the cup catch the melting ice it also caught any fruit that fell off the side.

I named that creation "Colourful Ice-Drips & Fruit-Drops in a Cup". That's my mum for you, always likes a good clean mess.

Dad said what a great idea and that we should all listen more often to our mums, then my mum Flo joked, if only your dad would listen to me more often.

That night back in my fold-out bed that popped out from the couch, I slept like a bug in a rug and even Smoochy crawled into bed and gave me an ever so tight huge hug on the very last night of our silly season ski holiday trip.

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