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A COLOURFUL FRUIT BLAST - 1st of 12 stories in the Stewy Lemmon
by Fetchone

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From the 1st diary entry of Stewy Lemmon's childhood fun adventures.

My name is Stewy Lemmon and I am your normal everyday typical friendly country boy who lives about 2 hours away from the big city lights. My family’s home is nestled amongst the trees on a hill in a little country village called Shimmerleedimmerlee.

It's located just a little north west from the famous town of Bearfeet Ridge. Famous of course, because of the mysterious and rarely seen yellow tailed bear family that is said to inhabit the nearby treed mountain range. The towns people have even given the rarely seen bear family sightings a nickname " Bearfeet Yellow Tales.

My family is made up of one much younger brother named Lemmy, two much older identical twin sisters named Emma and Jemma and my proud parents Archie and Florence.

On Christmas day this year I got a pet mouse as one of my presents, which I quickly named Smoochy, after he suddenly jumped up and kissed me on the cheek and then fell into my top left-hand side pocket. From that moment on I knew Smoochy and I would have such fun times and great adventures together.

This Christmas afternoon was especially hot, so my mum Flo cut up some healthy and yummy assorted fruit for the family as a snack and placed it on the table, between the two large trees out in the backyard.

I especially love bananas, apples, oranges, grapes and lots of watermelon mixed together in my bowl. I named this creation, a colourful fruit-blast, it is so much fun to eat, but my little brother Lemmy only likes bananas in his bowl with a dash of sweet honey.

My two much older identical twin sisters named Emma and Jemma loved to eat only green celery sticks and plain yogurt on hot days. Smoochy also ate some of my delicious colourful fruit-blast and even drank a little of my strawberry icy thick shake through his very own straw.

My dad Archie is very handy at making things made out of wood, metal and even plastic and loves to paint unusual designs on whatever he makes. Dad does all of his building and painting in his unusually built and outrageously painted backyard outback shed.

So after he had some of mum's afternoon fruit snack, dad built a mouse house for my grouse new pet mouse Smoochy and had even hand painted it with such colourful flair using his artistic nous. But I put Smoochy into his newly painted grouse pet mouse house too quickly, for the paint wasn't dry and he got yellow paint all over his oh so cute tail.

When my dad Archie had finished the grouse pet mouse house, he thought, what could he make for me as a new year's eve surprise present. My dad then had a great thought and quickly headed off to his unusually built and outrageously painted outback backyard shed.

Dad was busy for days, coming and going from his unusually built and outrageously painted outback backyard shed and snoring so loudly while taking short naps on our backyard hammock.

Also dad kept taking pieces of mum's colourful fruit snack, but only very small amounts at a time, from her ever so clean kitchen and sneaking it all back into that very hard to say shed.

Then my dad had finally finished my surprise at last. It was on that night that we had a party on the front lawn of our house for new year's eve and at 11.50 my entire family, neighbours, friends, Smoochy and I were all waiting for the clock to strike 12.00

With only 10 minutes to go my dad, Archie, rushed off to his, you know where, yes that's right, his unusually built and outrageously painted outback backyard shed and brought out my surprise. You will never guess what it was, for it was radically recycled, rather refined, remarkably robust and really red, have you guessed correctly? Anyone? No? Ok, I will tell you what it was. It was my very own Really Red Reusable Retro Rocket.

When I saw the rocket that my dad had built for me I was over the moon with happiness and I had a smile on my dial, that felt like it was almost as long as a mile.

Then all of my family members, neighbours, friends and I starting screaming out 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. Then we all shouted out together, at the top of our voices happy new year. Then my dad helped me light my Really Red Reusable Retro Rocket surprise and then we both stood back to see it take off and fly into the sky, creating a fireworks display and then returning to us to reuse for next year.

All of a sudden it took off so high into the night sky, I thought my new radically recycled, rather refined, remarkably robust and really red, reusable retro rocket surprise was going to the moon and maybe never coming back down to earth.

But then we heard a loud bang, the top of my rocket separated from the main body of the rocket and exploded into bright colours all over the clear night sky.

After a while my entire family, our neighbours and friends felt things dropping on their clean party attire. People had red blobs on their backs, yellow splats on their shirts and even some on their skirts, small orange flecks on their faces and little black bits dropping into their top left-hand side pockets.

“It's my colourful fruit snack coming down from the night sky", yelled mum.
Mum then went searching through the crowd for my dad. When she found him, he was chuckling with laughter and told everyone, he had packed the radically recycled, rather refined, remarkably robust and really red, reusable retro rocket full of Stewy's favorite fruit, instead of firework explosives, making the sky so much more colourful to the eye and ever so tasty for ones mouth

He wanted to make as many colours as he could for the fireworks display, so he used Apple skin for the colour Red, Bananas for the Yellow, Watermelons outer layer and a bunch of Grapes for the Green, Oranges for the Orange (of course) and Watermelon and Apple pips for the colour Black.

Even Smoochy was getting hit by the furiously flying, fast falling, fantastically funny, fabulous family fruit by Flo through his newly built freshly painted grouse little pet mouse house. It was the best surprise I have ever seen to come out of that unusually built and painted backyard outback shed.

Oh what a fun and tasty new year's eve party we all had, on that oh so wonderful and colourful fruit blast of a night.

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