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From the 4th diary entry of Stewy Lemmon's childhood fun adventures.

We had a whale of a time last weekend on a trip with my family to the seaside resort named Slipslopslap Bay, which is located about three hours from my home village of Shimmerdimmerlee.

Once we arrived at our rented holiday wood cabin and put our clothes away in the wardrobe and placed our food in the fridge we all decided as a family what we would do next.

My mum Flo took my younger brother Lemmy to the local carnival for rides, drinks and even some pink coloured fairy floss and warm apple pie. My two much older identical twin sisters Emma and Jemma went to the shops looking for souvenirs and some new summer clothes to wear. Dad, Smoochy and I went down to the pier by the seaside to do some fishing and look at the large ships passing by.

After a bit of fishing and catching even a piece of seaweed, we then spent time viewing the large ships with the help of dad's trusty homemade fancy far out funny binoculars. Dad was getting tired after such a long drive, and then he fell asleep on a deckchair by the seaside.

I stood on the fishing tackle box to get a better view of the very large ships. Then a huge wave crashed over the bow of a large ship and then several of its cargo boxes fell off the side and into the ocean.

Zooming in with dad's trusty homemade fancy far out funny binoculars, I could read the words on the outside of each crate. They spelt out the names of colours, such as, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and even Violet.

But the very bottom main words on each crate, all spelt out in very large bold type the name FAIRY FLOSS, which was the funniest thing of all.

From the corner of my right eye, I saw a large whale swimming towards the floating crates and it then began to smash all of them apart with its very powerful long tail. The whale then swallowed up all of the different colours of the floating fairy floss, all in one huge gulp.

It then emerged from under the water, but accidentally hit a shipping buoy marker that was floating nearby and it got stuck in its blowhole.
He then swam towards the beach’s safety swimming poles and I thought how I can help this whale with a shipping buoy marker stuck in its blowhole.

I fetched my fishing rod and cast it towards him, trying to hook onto the top of the buoy. But I couldn't quite get the hook attached under the top part of it.

So I felt around in my back pocket and found my very super sporty single-shot stylish slingshot that my dad had made me last year, and said to my pet mouse Smoochy you'll be right mate. Ready Set Go, whoosh went Smoochy sailing through the air, luckily he landed on the whales back 1st shot.

I then placed some cheese that mum had made us for an afternoon snack onto the hook and cast it again. On the third try it hovered above the stuck shipping buoy and then Smoochy caught a whiff of mum’s cheese on the dangling fishing hook.

He grabbed at the cheese and had amazingly placed the hook under the top part of the shipping buoy. I don't know if Smoochy knew what he was doing or if it was just an almighty lucky fluke.

Then I pulled as hard as I could and wound and wound in that fishing line string. Pop off came that stuck shipping buoy and sent Smoochy along for the ride.

The force made me fall off the fishing tackle box and I landed on my behind. Then all of a sudden the whale blew a massive blast of multi coloured fairy floss up into the sky. It looked like a colourful rainbow haze just above the waves and then lots of people ran onto the pier to see what was going on.

The whale then took off for the deep sea ocean, but I swear, as he turned his head towards the seashore, he looked directly at me and gave me a friendly thank you wink.

My dad woke up from the loud cheering noise of the excited crowd, but didn't believe me when I told him that I had hooked such a large catch with the help of Smoochy on our whale of a time fishing adventure.

Smoochy then popped back into the safety of my top left-hand side pocket and I thought I heard him say to me as quick as a blink - Please, don't do that to me again.

I knew the fall backwards made me a bit sore, but boy I knew what I heard and I will listen more carefully, to see if he talks anymore, for he is my pet mouse Smoochy after all.

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