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Short Stories

Angry and Alone
by evilfingerz

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The time on the clock says 9:49
Eleven minutes to go
Outside, dark, quiet
Time is ticking away. Heartbeat racing
Silence suffocates you
Ten more minutes
You shiver, the cold has found you
Nowhere to hide
A thousand demons torment you
Clawing, scratching, screaming
No one to save you
All alone. Afraid
Five more minutes remaining
Must be brave
You think back
How this all started
Not your fault
Or his
It was her fault. Always hers
How could she do this?
So close, yet so far gone
Anger and hatred consumed you
Soul shattered
Broken to pieces
One minute
Time is standing still
There’s time for death to lose
Life, passing, leaving
Seconds left
You feel your grip loosen
You hold the power, the ability
To cause great destruction
It’s your choice

Or is it?

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  • Meta-Ray95 says

    I am very curious to as what you were trying to say about this so if you can I would very much like clairfication please. I found it an interesting poem, building tension kind of well and I hope to read more of your work
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