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Ice Cold
by TheSilentArtist

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How the hell am I supposed to do that?
"Don't do it Jaxy! You will die! I'm not worth it!"
I lower my hands to my side, pull off my pants slowly. I start to feel the soft pricks of snow against my thoughts. I take of my shirt and let down my hair. The redness of my hair is intense against my pale skin and the ghostly snow. I slip of my boots quickly and my socks I leave on hoping I can at least keep my under garments on. But then the mother fucker yelled with a disgusting smirk "take everything off!"
Now I have to take off my socks, bra, and underwear.
The wind goes right threw my bones. The ice beneath my feet pulses as a current swims underneath it. I unhook my bra and does as he commands.
I stand completely defencless and naked as wind whirls in and around me. My stomach drops to the thin ice beneath me. I look over to Nava whose squished under the bastard's arm. Her arms are tied behind her back, the blood still dripping from the gash in her neck. He looks over to me, nods and smirks as he strokes Nava's jet black hair and tucks it behind her ear.
I look over the Nava, and mouth "I love you."
I turn my back to her and look into the hole that was so kindly cut out of the ice. The freezing water moves rapidly. I'll die once I'm in there. I doubt he will keep his promise of keeping Nava alive, but I will do this if it means there is a chance. I look back to Nava once more, and flip off the asshole. As I turn my head back to the hole, in the trees on the shore I see a glimmer. I jump in.
As gravity and the water work their way to push me around I hear Nava's screams. I'm as cold as the mans heart now. Shit this hurts. My limbs are numb but also fucking prickly. I thousand bricks are being bashed into my body, my heart is racing yet it's slowing down. Above me, through the shield of ice and the muffled water hear shuffling of feet. Then the current starts to pull me. I'm moving now and the hole is no longer directly above my head. It's dark and cold. I'm going to die soon. And so is Nava.
Then I hear it. To me a muffled pop, but what I infer is a gunshot. He ahot her. Her didn't even wait. He shot her. Her body fell against the ice, and I felt it. As slow as it all feels, it happens all so fast; a matter of seconds.
Then there's more of them pop, pop, pop, pop. I start to see light. I didn't even know I had my eyes open. Down current I see a few holes in the ice. Then more holes, I see a foot slam continuously into the ice. Then one large hole formed. I'm moving down current fast. I don't really feel like my head is in the right place. I can't think. I can't breathe-obviously. I'm dying.
The current pulled me under this new hole, and a pair of arms reached down and grabbed my thighs. The arms grabbed and my part of my body and pulled me up. I was being lifted out of the hole. I was choking and shaking and dying. I kept spitting up water and violently swung my limbs around. I feel something heavy get thrown over my body, and I look up to see a bearded man face to face with me. He has a gun swung over his broad shoulders. He's saying something but I can't hear. I look around and find Nava laying on the ground 4 ft away, and find the assholes bloody head next to her. My vision is going dark, I can't understand what happened.
Who is this man? Is Nava even alive?

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