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Most people drink to forget, I however, drink to remember. I know how terribly cliché that sounds but it’s true. Please do not see me as some ‘troubled’ rugged boy because I’m not. I’m fucked up and I am fully aware of the fact.
That’s the thing these days, people are fixated on becoming conflicted, it’s like sadness is desirable, and depression has been glorified. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not depressed; I have many moments of sheer unrestricted joy, like when you discover a new book or a decent song, or when dominos have promotional offers. No, my problem doesn’t lie with how I see myself, rather how people see me.
A conceited, arrogant bastard.
“So I told her that I couldn’t help it, her sister is hot!” “… Luca” “….OI”.
I felt a sharp whack to the side of my head which I did not appreciate, “what the fuck” I mumbled rubbing the area affected.
“I was talking about Cortina”
I frowned in confusion
“Jess’ sister?”
“Oh no I got that” I said “I’m just confused as to why she is named after a car”
“Who cares?” Alexander bit into his sandwich “she was a bloody good shag”
“True” I said flicking through my new book “I mean your mother named you after her favourite fashion designer right? Alexander McQueen?” the comment earned me another swift slap to the head which I received without complaint. Slowly Alexander’s scowl turned into a grin.
“So, how is Cassandra?”
It was my turn to scowl as I buried my face into my book. “Fine.” Cassandra was what most people would brand ‘my girlfriend’ and what I branded a nuisance’. Perhaps the most eligible girl in this school it was clear her lust for me was more for my family name rather than my personality. Usually I would have told her where to go but with her family being close family associates it was a bit more complicated. Alexander laughed “I saw her showing off the pendant you bought her. Very nice”
“My mother. My mother bought it”
“So you got mummy to help?”
“I had no part in it” I said quietly, Name noticing my ‘calm before the storm’ so to say soon changed the subject. As Alexander was about ten minutes into his rant about his girlfriend’s reaction to him cheating with her sister I felt a pair of arms snake around my neck, along with the familiar scent of over powering, expensive perfume.
My jaw immediately tensed at the whiny tone in her voice. “What”
“I’m bored so I thought we could have some fun?”
Her hands suggestively dropped to my stomach, “My room is free, Elizabeth and Johanna are out”
Along with being incredibly annoying, Clarissa was also a slut. Living in a boarding school you get to hear certain rumours and before her infatuation with me, Clarissa had made herself know to other certain ‘elite’ boys, sort of slinging me into the sadistic group of guys she went for.
“I’m busy” I said in the coldest voice I could do without going a bit too far and receiving a scornful call from my parents, who were very ‘supporting’ of mine and Clarissa’s relationship, anything to protect the family image. “I have to go”. With one final apologetic glance to Alexander I got up and headed to the only place I was sure Clarissa wouldn’t venture to, most likely because it wasn’t man made and ‘high heel’s’ friendly. The Forest.

So this was it, first day of my new school and home I guess. Mum and Dad were as supportive as they could be, given they would soon be living two hundred miles away from me. We arrived up at Richmond academy and it was breathtakingly beautiful, old architecture, a large forest surrounding it and perfectly manicured lawns. Mum looked at me hopefully from the front seat, dad figuring out where the parking was. It was no secret that I preferred old to new, yet trying to see it from a residential view rather than a nice day out was intimidating. Having grown up in a nice semi-detached house in a small village, the grandeur of the place was fairly daunting; I managed a small smile at mum before watching students walk to their lessons through the car window. It was evident straight away that the majority of students here would be nothing like my friends at home, they had an air about them that screamed money, not exactly in a malicious way it was just how they held themselves; tall and graceful. With Perfectly styled hair and pressed suits and dresses.
I jumped at my dad’s voice, having found myself staring out the window I decided to have an optimistic view, if not for myself, for my parents. Wanting the best for me my dad took a job up in Yorkshire where he would get a decent wage and as part of an exclusive plan his boss offered, a scholarship for me in the school he was a governor of. My father had annually turned down this offer, not wanting to leave our home and family in the midlands, but as it came to me starting sixth form after fairly average grades in everything but English from a failing school, he wanted me to have every opportunity to succeed.
“Are you okay sweetheart?” my mother’s anxious expression gave me all the resolve I needed to be brave.
“Grand, shall we go in?” I rubbed my clammy hands on my dress and got out, walking towards the ornately carved wooden doors.
When we reached the office the secretary led us up to a large office and a few moments later a rather large man dressed in three piece suit walked in, he saw us and smiled “Hello I am Victor Delange and I am the headmaster of this fine establishment” his voice, exceedingly posh and strangely high-pitched for a man of his size made me choke back the orange juice I had got from the nice secretary. Luckily for me Mr Delange hadn’t noticed and instead was talking to dad, “So I hear you are in business with good old Thomas, cracking fellow please do send my regards” Mr Delange sat down at his desk and handed me a file “It’s my pleasure to welcome you Ella. In this folder you will find everything you need to make your transition into our way of life as smooth as possible.” The door opened and a girl my age, with short auburn hair walked in “Scarlett here will be your buddy shall we say for your first few weeks at Richmond.” Scarlett smiled at me before taking a seat at the back of the room. “I have a meeting to attend, the staff will transport your belongings to your room which you will be sharing with Scarlett here, and I also have a member of our team ready to show you to your car Mr and Mrs Arine. I shall let you say your goodbyes; Scarlett shall be waiting outside for you Ella.” Scarlett and Mr Delange left the room and I turned to face my parents, my optimism slowly fading away.
“Oh sweetheart” my mum said her eyes turning glassy she gave me a hug and smoothed down my hair “we will see you at Christmas okay? You can always phone us and if you don’t want to stay we will come and get you whenever” next my dad hugged me.
“We are so proud of you Ella, we will see you soon okay?”
I nodded, scared to speak and break my resolve we walked outside and after one last hug I watched my Mum and Dad walk away.

Just as I got settled under a large tree my phone rang, it was my father. Sighing I accepted the call.
“Ah Luca, I was phoning to enquire that all is well?”
“It’s swell” I said picking odd leaves off my trousers “is that all?” knowing my father, he wouldn’t call unless he wanted something.
“I would like you to invite young Clarissa for dinner in a fortnight’s time, her father is being rather hesitant about joining my new business venture and I could use your connection with Clarissa to ensure he sees the opportunity he has before him”
I sighed “about that, I don’t know if that will really work you see i-“
“Luca, that is not a request it is an order, I will see you then. Ask Clarissa today.”
At that the line went dead I shoved my phone in my blazer pocket and groaned, deciding that I would be spending longer in the forest today than expected.

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