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The nintendo universe chapter 7 Chao and the chaos emerald.
by mlanier

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undefined(Disclaimer: I do not own any part of Sega or Nintendo. I will be typing my story more in a normal way. So instead of doing this (ken: I can’t see) I will do this) “I can’t see!” said ken). I hope this makes my story a little better. GAME ON!)

Chao and the chaos emerald.

Ken, Shadow, and Ken arrive at tails place. Ken looks around the place with astonishment.“This place is like one large super computer!” said Ken. “That’s tails for ya.”said Sonic.
“Hey, where’s Mario and the others?”said Ken. “I don’t know. Maybe they needed to be right by you in order to teleport with you.” said sonic
“Hey guys! Glad to see you two make it back.” said Tails “Us two?” said Ken. “Shadow bailed.” said sonic.
“I see. So what’s the news?” said Ken. “Well, my radar says there’s a chaos emerald in the chao garden.” said tails. “I’ll bet we’ll find Cream and cheese there” said sonic. “let common, let’s go!”
Tails pushes a button, causing a wall to open up. Ken looks inside. Kens jaw drops when he sees the x-tornado plane.
“WOW! This thing looks better than in the game!” said ken. “Looks like you’ve upgraded it a bit.” said Sonic. “Yep! Its new name is the sky flare. It can reach speeds of 1250 miles per hour!” said Tails. “Isn’t that a bit too fastr?” said Ken. “Not if your inside it.” Said Tails. “Lets go!”
They get on, and in a split second, it theyr in the sky on their way to the chao garden. They arrive about ten minutes later. When they get out the plane, they notice something’s not right.
“CHAO! CHAO!” “Shut up you stupid chao! I wont stop till you give me that emerald!” “OH MY GOD!!! Is that dr.Eggman?” Ken said. “Yes it is” said sonic” “He looks like a guy who just took a shower in motor oil” said ken.
“Why sonic! Glad to see you’ve returned!” said eggman with a wide grin. “You put that chao down right now ya fat greesy jerk!” said sonic getting ready to do a spin dash. “Why sonic, im affended! You should be more kind to your master!” said eggman as he pushes a button on a remote control switch.
A flash of purple light zaps sonic to a prison in eggmans base. “Bah! Ill deal with this stupid chao later.” Said eggman. He puts the chao in a bag, and starts to fly off in his ship. But he forgets to tie the bag shut, so while he flies away, the chao falls out without eggman knowing.
“CHAOOOOOOOOO!” “Ill catch you!” said ken. “Gatch’ya! Its ok. I wont hurt ya. Ill take you back to tails workshop and….HEY!!! where did tails go? DAMN IT! He left. Now what do I do?”
To be continued.

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  • Paper cut says

    You are really weird but really great at writing(your grammer is great) why nit switch it up and make a fee characters of your own... just saying good job tho be better if u made it authentic
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