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Save Me.
by JayLexis

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Save Me

Lying here throughout all the seasons.
It's raining, leaves are falling, it's warm it's, freezing.

I need to turn the pages forgive me my lord for I have Sind.
I've pushed him out my life and now I lie here unspoken.

My tears don't mean a thing if no one's there to dry them away.
I can do anything, I can do anything when you,

Save me from all the pain that I've been going through.
Save me the only one I need right now is you.
Save me, save me, save me.

I could turn the night off with the power of my scream.
But you still can't hear me because I'm trapped inside a deep sleep.

I've tried to open up my eyes so that I can see.
But the wind is blowing too strong that my eyes would start to bleed.

My fears are haunting me I need someone strong to scare them away.
I could do anything, I could do anything when you,

(Chorus): Repeat.

I'm broken into a million peaces that can't be found.

I try to run towards happiness but I can't because my feet are chained to the ground.

Oh darling will you save me if I fall promise me you'll catch me.

Forever began the moment I saw that I was standing alone.

Lying here I see nothing but darkness and the days go by so slow.

Oh darling will you save me if I fall promise me you'll catch me.

(Bridge1): Repeat.

(Chorus): Repeat.

I can't survive without you.
Just keep on calling baby so I can find you.

The past is the past I forgive you for all you've done.
Now open up the curtains and let in the sun.

When you make a mistake it only makes you stronger.
When you fall deep down it only makes you stronger.

Look deep in your heart I'll tell you what you'll see.
You'll see someone strong someone with dignity.

So if you choose to loose everything that we have.
There would be nothing left of us we'd blow away with the sand.

So stay strong for me and you.
And when you do I know we'll make it through.

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