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Song Lyrics (Country)

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She wanted me to
do the dishes
fix the flat on the
pickup truck
and mow the lawn

Next came the vaccuum cleaner
and I came to understand
that this woman had only one thing in mind
to spoil all my weekend plans.

So I went about the daily g rind
tried to finish everything up real fast
There was no way in hell
that woman was going to make me
miss the biggest party of the year.
Down at the
Big Hickory County BBQ BAsh.


Its a bunch of guys
gathered round
raisin' a ruckus
through town
DFancin' all night down on the square
Doesn't everybody love a good fair?
And just before the clock strikes midnight
We light a match and the
grill burns bright
Yeah at the end of the day
Everyone can say they had a blast
Down at the Big Hickory County
BBQ Bash.

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