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Tell me why
by Gmantia

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When you first looked into my eyes, tell my why didn’t you look away? What was so special about me, why did you need to know my name? What drew you to a girl like me, was it all about the chase? Tell me why I feel your distance, what exactly changed?
Why would you sacrifice and deny yourself the truth, to suffer in the same routine that you’ve already been through? Tell me how did I let a man bring me down to this? I’ve lost all my self respect to a man I can’t forget. Tell me why!
I thought she was in your past; that’s where she should have stayed. Tell me why you let her back in and ruin the plans we made? I foolishly let you in, gave you the time of day. I thought you were different, I guess that was my mistake.
How dare you put me in this situation, one that I can’t get away from, because I can’t stay away from you. Even though you don’t deserve it, I know you’re not perfect in the end all I want is you, but I need for you to tell me why.

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