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30 years of toasts
by grw978

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My buddy got married this summer, I was in the wedding
The night before the groomsmen huddled around as the sun was setting
I said, raise your glass to the man who's making that leap of faith
And to 30 more years of toasts, with our champagne glasses raised

One fore the first year from the wedding day
One for the new baby girl on the way
One for the first down payment on your brand new house
One in memory of the life of your dad
One to remember the good times when life's a bit sad
One to the day your baby heads to college down south
Whoa-oh-oh lets make the most
Here's to 30 more toasts

Mom and dad got married, 30 years ago to the day
And there at the party I once again started to raise my glass of champagne
I said man it must be crazy how fast the times been blazin and gone by in the blink of an eye
So here's to their devotion, let's raise our glass and show them, the meaning they've had in our lives

Here's one for the party where they first met
One for the restaurant where he put a ring on it
One for the beautiful church where they tied the knot
One to remember grandpas fight against cancer
One for the advice, when I didn't have an answer
And to the love that will never, ever stop
Whoa-oh-oh lets make the most
Here's to 30 more toast


Here's to 30 years, and then 30 more
Whatever comes our way, whatever's next in store
Let's keep on celebrating, like there's no end in sight
And love until the day we die

Here's to 30 more toasts
Heres to 30 more toast
Here's to making the most
Here's to 30 more toasts

Fade out

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