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Song Lyrics (Dance)

Wake Up
by Fetchone

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We can mess around if we want to
But if we don't wake up
'Cause your clock don't work and the alarm won't sing
It must be a crappy day

Say, we can mess about as if we don't care
Just pre book your flight to the unknown place
And we can muck up as much as we dare
Although we may leave this world at a much quicker pace

So we can decide to wake up or not!

We can party until we decide to say bye
My friends are young and so am I
And we can dress to impress with our shiny glows
And surprise any enemy with our fightin' blows

Say, we can think twice if we want to
If we don't, nobody shall
And you can act real hip and totally cool
for I've got stuff in my hair from mum called gel

We can mess about if we have to
We've got all the time in the world and more
As long as we claim it, never gonna blame it
Everything will work out all right, one day.

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