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Song Lyrics (Folk)

by jjpivot

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It's cold, and I can't sleep
Cuz I'm running away from things that I can't keep
My head's spinning in all directions
So I'm holding my tongue for fear of what he'll wreak

Once again I've made my own decision
Once again I made the first incision
Once again I'm in need of revision
Hoping my new self will never speak

I saw your reflection in the glass
When I focused in, it faded fast
How can I make this feeling last, I ask
When your face keeps fading into black

My fingertips froze to the pen
I pulled it off and watched them bleed
I realized through tired eyes that though the skin had died
sometimes that little warmth is all we need

With my velvet hand held to the sky
I felt the rain and had to cry
I tried so hard not to ask why, but I
Can't seem to live this happy lie

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