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Song Lyrics (Hip Hop/R&B)

Summer Tan
by Outcastsz

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Night life girl, yeah
I swear she lives for this
Swipe life girl, yeah
She does it all for this

Said she's into me
Could she really be?
My life, a tragedy
She loves, our synergy

Lives life so casually
Pull up, Legs they shake for me
Swear she fucks artistically
Hold up, pause for me, (Yeah that's lovely)

Man I think I love her
Let me stimulate your psych
Shorty be my lover
Won't you do that thing I like

The shorty with the summer tan
You blow my mind baby
Shorty with the summer tan
I'll make you mine baby
The shorty with the summer tan
I'll do you right baby
Skip, Skip all this talkin'
I, I know you steady stalkin'

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