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Song Lyrics (Hip Hop/R&B)

My Clonies.
by Matt_The_Brat

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Don't get me fucked up. I got the heater on me.
You know i ride for my lil homies.
Don't give a fuck if they my lil "clonies."
Only if they really know me.
The whole squad stands 3 foot only.
Play Yu-Gi-Oh! Wit the Bulova on me.
Throwin' dough just to get down it.
We just don't run this world. We really own it.

So, hear u talk
About the squad.
I see u popn
Off at the mouth.
Know that is not
What I'm about.
I'm running hot.
You're really not.
I got the car.
I got the job.
I got the flow.
Still got a boss.
I got these snots.
I care alot.
Ain't about..
Just what I got.
Or who I fought.
To catch the hearts.
Of random Thots.

U know, I play with em, boi.
Spend all day wit dem bois.
I ain't ashamed of the bois.
I claim all these bois.
Ain't the same, with these bois.
Share a name with these bois.
Share the fame with these bois.
In the frame, with these bois.

For them, I got alotta love.
Feed em candy n soda pop.
At my addy, hold down the squad
Playn Minecraft n some other stuff.
Let em out n let em run.
They as wild as they come.
Catch their smiles, tooth n gums.
We're having fun.
We stay on top.


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