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Song Lyrics (Hip Hop/R&B)

by brianhoffmann

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I know we said our goodbyes
But this'll be the last time
You never even asked why
Was I just to pass time

Maybe you don't miss me
We were only sixteen
Those days it felt so carefree
Now we live like machines

We're those feelings a lie
Cause now you make me want to die
If I'm the only one to cry
Then how come I'm the bad guy

I'll go down without a fight
I don't even want to try
I know that you'll be alright
Bet you found another guy

A thousand days have gone by
And you're still in the back of my mind
But I'm just not the same guy
So it's time I leave you behind

I write this song to say goodbye
To all our wishes and our memories
I know I won't get a reply
Cause this ain't no apology
Maybe we'll try again in our forties
Or wait til' the end of the century
Will we be friends or remain enemies

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