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Song Lyrics (Hip Hop/R&B)

Let it go
by Teresis

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You want to be alone?
Ok just leave now if you want
I really won’t care, what a crap thing to say
Of course I will care and I do so much
But I won’t be bleeding ‘cause of another fuck
Cause of another man who made me trust
I don’t deserve this don’t you think?
And I’ve been trying, be sure I did!
You should have noticed all the sweet words
I’ve written to you cause all I wanted was
The old times like month or two ago...
I was really happy don’t you know?
But I see I can’t do nothing anymore

How can I make things right again
When it seems like you don’t even care
Like you don’t give a shit that I am bleeding just
cause of this little issue my life is giving up

No I won’t be so weak and soft
I will get my feelings under control
Yeah i would do anything for you
And you fucking know that!
Do you appreciate that?
But what can I do except let it go?
I’m not enthusiastic to suffer anymore
Do you want to be alone?
So go!

I was lucky when you was mine
You realize so well that I am right
No, I don’t mean it like that, I didn’t own you
You wasn’t my toy or puppet at that time
You were my source of laugh, the reason to smille
Someone to trust, person with who I shared my life
And i can be sure it wasn’t from one side
But now? You say it’s not my fault?
Of course it’s not! I did nothing wrong!

So why it hurts my heart so much, tell my?
I know it’s again only temporarily
but I will remember this shit don’t you worry
How you stabbed the cold knife into my back
I know you didn’t mean it to happen, too bad
Is that too cruel from me?
Yeah and I am really sorry.
But i just sit on my ass for couple of weeks
and watch you bleed
I know i know, your stone face and calm body
But inside I sense there’s everything, you feel it
I prefer to get rid of all those demons instantly
That’s the reason why I’m crying it out loudly!
You know that i don’t love you and i know it more than well
You were just kind of really precious person, really unique "friend"...

No, I won’t be so weak and soft
I did what I could and said what I want
Yeah i would do anything for you
That one from this song is surely true
So from now it’s up to you, I’ll let it go
I won’t be suffering anymore
Song written in tears and sore
Do you want to be alone?
So go...

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