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Song Lyrics (Hip Hop/R&B)

Boat Trip
by xcited

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Rock a-by baby
Pullin' her crazy
Her blonde hair long
As I scoop her out her thong
Take a hit of the bong
Her eyes are Hong Kong
Get a whip of her flavor
Make her dinner at the table
As she gives me head
Oh yeah her name is Deb

Rockin' like a boat
She's fierce wit the throat
She wants to make it home
So she moans wit a sexy tone
In the shower we fuckin'
Shampoo her while I'm pumpin'
Butterfly tattoo
Her butt is marked as blue
I don't like insects
So I smack it wit shampoo

Clean sex is good sex
No smelly dress, no smelly breasts
We're lookin' impressed
As the mirror says we're blessed
She puts on my pants
I put on her bra
We're headed off to work
Another boat trip out the dirt

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