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Song Lyrics (Hip Hop/R&B)

by DizIzMikey

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You see the funny thing I know I was rebound
But I know it made you feel good so I'm staying around
The other guy I know he didn't treat you so good
But every time you call me you know it's so good
Tell me he didn't touch you did he
Let me in your pain so I can be
Your healer broken heart let me mend ya
This is the movies let me attend to yah
Let me show you a new of thinking
Your boat with me is never shinking
Them other haters are starting shit
But when I protect you u know I'm so lit
Dynamite let me be your shining white knight
I wanna be with you every single damn night
Just so I could rock your body so right
I'm stunned by your beauty now let me see that booty
I wanna see the smile still even when you feel moody
I'm Austin Powers baby I'ma make you feel so groovy
And loving you ain't a job it's my god damn duty
Put a gun to my head and tell you if you don't put your hand on my chest im'a pull it
She said you got too much to lose now if i were you if you want me you would cool it

Girl when I tell you I don't need you I front
You know I love to be up in that good cunt
Before we fuck lets spark it up smoke a blunt
When I be fucking with you I love you so I grunt
Loving the you way you should be loved with every move
Drink me up baby because I'm your tea you know I can soothe
We gonna hit a home run tonight baby you the ball im babe rooth
And if you want it you can have it mmm yeah I like your sweet tooth
When I hear a love song I think of you so I spit it up in the booth
Wherver you are you know I got you ladies be hating because they not you

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