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Song Lyrics (Hip Hop/R&B)

Just a verse
by Cally-G

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All my life I've been told I'm lazy
So far back that shit's getting hazy
Spent every minute trying to prove them wrong
It's starting to look like my own fucking theme song

Everything that's been right in my life I've had to fight for
Despite my own personal plight It's not delightful
I just want a break from my fate I hope it isn't too late
I really think that I could have become something great

I've never felt like I had a meaning in life
I've Forever not been feeling right
If only shit were as clear as sunlight
But all right I don't need a green light to write
I just do what I do when I feel the times right
I've never been one to act like a deer caught in the headlights
My mind moves at the speed of sunlight

I'm gonna look back on the present one day
I understand that that's a cliche
But oh well fuck it it's nearly my seventeenth birthday

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