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Song Lyrics (Hip Hop/R&B)

The Big Miss
by grw978

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I was 15 years old when I met her
She was looking so good to me
And I knew that I had never seen better
She was all my eyes wanted to see
She had blonde hair fallin down her face
Kinda hiding that cute little smile
And all the negativity in my life erased
As all was at peace for a while

Then I walked up toward her to say hello, and she looked up with those bright eyes glowing
My heart started to race, hell she was best in show, and made my heart skip a beat without knowing
This was my moment, my time to own it, and I knew I had to do it just right
I took a deep breath, walked up to her and said, the first words I would say to my wife


A few months later we're together
Thought everything was going so well
I started thinking this might be forever
While she was thinking I should go to hell

She hated what became of me
Began to lay the blame on me
Made everyone believe I shouldn't be in her same vinicinity
Made me get on my knees and beg and plead for mercy
But that ain't how we do in Jersey

So it took a little time for me to start anew as I ran through that hellish place
Where not every song rhymed, not every planted seed grew, as I tried to wipe her memory away
Now I know what your thinking, wasn't this about your wife, and yes that's true no doubt
I'll take you back to 15 and you'll see what I mean about the one that I missed that first time around


She was the one behind the one my eyes were laid on
She knew what I was thinking but the thought never dawned
On her to make a move and just walk up to me
She could already see what my stupid eyes were seeing
Still through all that she managed to say hi
I said hello back but brushed her off to the side
Now 5 years later there we are again
I don't brush her to the side, I dive. Right. In

Outro verse
No she's not second best to anythin
If you ask me she's the best part me
She made me take another look at my surrounding
Thank god she found me
Every time I see her I just stop and smile
Every time I hold her it makes it worthwhile
She makes me go that extra mile

And the big miss
Was the best miss

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