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is this love never gonna stop
by priya

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is this love never gonna stop
making me all weak in my knees
spinning my world all over
making me feel like i am missing something

when it was never there nothing between us
it seemed like a simple story
oh i had to go and screw it up
by falling for you head over heels

is it just a walk that we took
is it the small talk that we did
is it really anything meaningful
or am i just going mad

was it the time I could laugh with you
was it the time i saw you smile at me
was it the time when u looked at me
like i was someone special in the crowd

why would I go and fall in love
with you when I knew it wouldnt work
why would I go and fall in love
when I knew nothing else would ever work

is it you oh my dear
and will it ever be us
or will i just stand here waiting for us

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