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this way
by reem_ makmahi

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verse 1

Those eyes that make me weak,
I can hardly speak,
Holding myself together,
Maybe one day we will say forever,
As I try to keep calm,
You make this so hard,
And I can’t control it

You make me feel like me,
You make me see,
All the things I’ve been missing,
I’m dismissing,
All the things people say,
Cause you make me feel this way

IL walk around and talk to you,
Being happy acting the fool,
But you don’t see what you mean to me,
You hold the key,
To the little things,
And we can make it more than a fling


Verse 3
I know when I see you with her,
I’m wishing it was us for sure,
She don’t know you like I do,
When it comes to you she don’t have a clue,
Open your eyes,
Cause it’s all lies (yeah) oooh ooh

Chorus x2

Those eyes that make me weak,
I can hardly speak

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