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Story of an Angel
by NatDuv

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Note: The genre for this is really Hip-Hop/Rock fusion, with mainly electric bass instrumental. Wrote this for a friend who's gone through a bad time.

You're more than beautiful, when you're smiling bright.
But you don't even know it.
And it's simply wonderful when you stare with those eyes like star light.
But you can't even see it.
You're like gold, you're amazing.
But you're nothing, it's degrading.
But I come to tell you, I disagree.
The things you call flaws are perfections to me.
And I always wonder why you don’t see the truth.
In the way I feel about you.
(Chorus) But like an Angel, you're fighting these inner demons.
Taking hard blows, but know I still believing.
And it's the day, for everything to come to place.
So you're moving at your own pace.
So keep fighting, no more misery.
And in the end, you'll declare your victory.

I have to admit when I hear you cries.
It's almost as if a apart of me dies.
It's not easy seeing a brilliant mind. Buying into the lies, feeling left behind.
I admit to the feelings of guilt.
Cause I still believe if you knew the way I feel.
You wouldn't go through the misery.
But if you truly need to know, remains a mystery.
Cause to me you're a champion, with the heart of a soldier.
Everyday getting wiser, beautiful and bolder.
With a beautiful face and a beautiful mind to match.
So those ugly doubts and mind need to detach.

A dark storm is brewing, and it's coming around.
And it's trying it's best just to take you down.
But because your resisting defeat, my hope isresurrected.
Now I know you have the power to overcome what's expected.
Remember when everyone is doubting you, you still have a shoulder.
Cause I believe in you, I know you can knock down boulders.
You're not going through this for nothing, you have a greater purpose.
Don't listen to the haters, remember you're not worthless.


Story of an Angel (x5)

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