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If We Try
by jaycee11

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I, I would rather spend an imperfect life with you,
than spend a perfect life living with somebody else
its true
Oh and I, I know that things ain't always looked so bright
If I might
But why, why give up what we have, it feels so right,
so right


We're gonna be alright, we'll make it if we try
We're gonna be alright, we'll make it if we try
I don't wanna know what it's like
Without you here in my life
We're gonna be alright, I know we'll make it if we try


How, how can we flip this whole thing upside down
to when, we smiled and danced like there was nobody around, (around)
What, whatever it takes to get back to that special place(place)
I'll do, I'll do anything and everything it takes, to change

(Repeat Chorus)


I want this more than you know
I don't wanna let you go
We will figure this thing out
Somewhere, someway, somehow

(Repeat Chorus)

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