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by ReLic

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I'm causing more gore,
Then the Greek God of war,
With his poor horror core,
Ignore the ear sore,
This rhyme is intensifying more and more,
Pretty soon I'll be at your door,
Drag that whore across the floor,
Start slashing her with my written sword,
Then pop out her dresser drawer,
And take everything that's yours!
Ill need a new collector,
Visit your sons room and unleash an evil centaur,
Then ask Ares if he needs a new mentor for a weapon inventor.

I have a question,
Honestly I have a confession,
I don't know why I'm here I feel rejected,
Maybe the reason is that we are all connected,
Life's miserable and there's depression,
So many times have i thought of O.D. Injection,
I've gotten closer to maniac progression,
The lights fading and darkness is being projected,
I don't know what to do its spreading like a contamination,
I don't know where to turn for my succession,
I'll turn to God and he can be my disinfectant.

I swear I'll never do you wrong,
I'll keep it strong, as time goes on and on,
Here it goes, we finally begun.
Hit me like that and I’ll be gone to find my gun,
Come home find you lying in bed with another man,
Two bullets through your head as I lay on your chest,
Don't you see? I did you a favor, now you’re at rest,
Your tunnels fading less and less,
Just go down it, to the darkness,
I'll bring you back, I'm a Satanist, Honestly I've been to hell, seen Satan himself, he's selfish,
I made a handshake with the devil, showed him who was truly evil,
Came back to hell the next day, it was a love-like sequel.
I died, came to earth as a phantom,
Started haunting your every move and atom,
I know you can't see me, and your brain can't fathom,
It's been years, and now its time to wrap you in hot platinum,
Now the true pain begins, get your shit and lay in it,
Actually, get in my attic, because I'm an addict and I need my fix, lay in this coffin and I'll nail it shut,
Then drive this shit into the river, and listen to your screams until you drown and shut the fuck up.

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