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Song Lyrics (Rap)

by Isiah C.

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When you listen to my lyrics do you,
Clap your hands,
Do you,
Nod your head,
Do you,
Stay silent,
When you listen to my lyrics can you,
Feel the vibe,
Can you,
Close your eyes,
Can you,
Pretend you're alive,
I need,
I need-

Verse 1:
Someone to cosign in sign language,
Sign some lines of mine and remind me that I'm famous,
Somebody to take time and give their mind to my rhymes,
Somebody to overdose on my lyrics like they're broke,
And they're all out of options,
They need someone to rock with,
Even if it means sellin my soul to the highest bid,
I want to claim the best,
But I never claim to be,
But I boast in all contest,
It feels like I'm never beat,
It feels like I always eat,
I'm a vegitarian,
You're lookin beet,
Somebody get this mothafucker dead on the street,
Pop em with some heat,
Stomp him deceased,
Crack his sternum and burn em,
Body bags we do not need,
A creation of hard rock and Slim Shady aspiring for a college degree,
In laments terms he's gotta be,
The Anti-C.,
Cuz from what I see,
J-E-S-U-S never gave him the green,
They see stress no that's insecurity,
I left the chambers of my heart wide open for y'all to see,
I wanna marry this game so I drop to a knee,
And I beg of her to tell me that she loves me.,
(Do you?)-


Verse 2:

God to give me a shot,
I'm sick of what the expectations are expectin of me,
How the fuck do I father a future after a hysterectomy,
It feels as though rejection of me is perfection to me,
I get an erection at every projection of a gruesome victory,
I see that I treated this game like @hoes and I found a new kink,
But why is the flow bein abusive to me and so exclusive to me,
I was just,
Chillin in the garden of Eden,
Eatin rotten apples off of the cement,
Surrounded by snakes like the Chamber of Secrets,
Got a gun with a silencer I hope this chamber keeps secrets,
Cuz imma shoot myself if I can't find another reason,
To keep writin every lyric if the way I spit it doesn't get you jiggin,
Sorry but that is not what I'm tryin to elicit,
I drink this elixir to make this more simplistic,
Fuck that, I just take some plastic and hold it on my head til it's tragic,
Then I might sell a few mix tapes in my casket,
Just as long as I'm 1 in your heart and and the winners' bracket!


Verse 3:

A way out of a way down all the way down to the H-town,
To clean the whole thing out with out a doubt or a drop of sweat,
No need to dirty a towel,
Heroic and I can't control it my history is a legacy and you know it,
It feels like a mystery that these doors ain't open,
Do I have to kick it til the hinges are broken or blow up til that motherfucker is open,
Knock knock,
And I won't stop til I'm at the top,
Even if I gotta climb her hair or run up a flight of stairs or,
Fly up a room of stares,
I draw attention with precision then I make the incision but I got so much fog in my vision I gotta pull over,
The only artist/Doctor and driver you know of,
That'll change the whole world if I get you to @rate my words,
The competition already ate my turds,
Now I'm waiting for some mute sign my work,
I'm not as lonely as my heart is homely but I knowingly control both of these,
I'm surrounded by supporters but plagued with doubters,
Never been insane but I can accurately describe it,
Take the pillow to the kitchen and knife it,
Stuff it with hairspray cans and fuckin light it,
That's how I want you to feel with every album in droppin.


It was an extended entendre between a garden hose and hoes. Hence the "found a new kink..." And "Why is this flow being abusive to me"

~@rate my words
I shouted out the website because I want everyone to know that this is an original work.

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