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Song Lyrics (Rap)

Into the meanders of my life
by ChloeInnesisamess

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Barely anybody can understand what it’s like to be me
You won’t know where I’m from or where I’m at.
Accents are covers from our real words.
I have two countries two identities,
But my family only knows one language
Not so sure it’s an advantage.

I’m taking my time
Thinking of who I am
Just leave me alone god damn’
I need some breathing space
I’m not a bad person so here’s the ankle brace!


I’m stuck between two lives and a big world.
I wish I could be a bird
Fly far away
Away from all this bullshit
Blamed for a crime I didn’t commit


One day I’ll get out
And we will one, sadly not tonight
You promised to not forget me
So go to the sea
And it will make you remember
All our times together.


I know we have unfinished business
But for now I simply need your forgiveness
When I’ll go to university
We’ll have time to be free!


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