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Song Lyrics (Rap)

by VengenceOfTheVoiceless

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Is this shit all in my head?
every night when I have trouble putting my demons to bed
maybe I'm just fuckin crazy
too lazy to cry out for help
but youd be tired too if every time you reach out everyone around you looks with their eyes full of sympathy
when all along they've all lacked empathy
every insulting name
every time they shifted the blame on me
expecting me to be what theyre dying to see
from now until my last breath leaves me
It's never gonna happen
I'm a tremendous fuck up
so you bastards can all fuck off
the darkness in me is my only real friend
as I lie here dying
because I'm just so fucking tired
The funny thing is that most people cant see a damn thing wrong
all they see is a wierd kid with headphones writing a song
if these people would look at my notebook for just a short minute
my ass would be committed
the depression is evident in my lines
as you see my psychological regression in my rhymes
shifting backward into a state of mind I fuckin hate
I know a few of you can relate
its the outcasts versus the world
as they cast us aside like yesterday's trash
but yet they wonder why we go home every night and slash our fuckin wrists
man,this shit all needs to change
... preferably soon?

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