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Song Lyrics (Rock)

by FullMind

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I need to get out of this.
I need to find another way to live.
With no regrets and without no pain.
Please, can you help me find my way?

All my friends love me so.
They push away all of my sorrows.
Never disappointed by me.
Always supportive for myself.

But there’s something on the back of my mind.
Something that’s hurting me inside.
I’m unsure what it can be.
But I can’t just let it be.

Just lead me there to happiness.
To the land of peace and sorrowless.
Where my mind can just rest.
From this world and all the rest.

I need to run away from my craziness.
It leads me directly to the edge.
I can fall down from it and never be back.
Find my trouble, I’ll find myself.

Ref. I don’t know what can be wrong.
Everything is just as good as it can be.
Some could say “just be strong”.
But I don’t know what is wrong with me.

I have to find this little scratch on my life.
Just to make everything alright.

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