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Kisses Through The Air
by EtherealOcean

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Troubled and overwhelmed by the sorrows
But let his cup of suffering passing from me
Under the immense pressure
The olives from the summer tree
Red veils of crucifixion
Remembering you long enough
…I’m all stuck in this loneliness…

The hearts pass within me
Whispering kisses through the air

Passing along these gardens of love
The flowers into the great Gethsemane
Your eyes they were my paradise
The sun rises as you smile

The garden is wilting upon me
Help me gain the love I had before
Burning garden, burning love
Fresh out of the fairy fountain

The hearts pass within me
Passing kisses through the air

Hiding away the lovely pain
Seeing this light fade away from this garden
Let’s watch this garden die off
Don’t let it die off

Without you
There’s nothing left to live for

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