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Song Lyrics (Rock)

Fearful Melancholy Orchestrate (copyright)
by LoveHateLeto

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Throw Me Down
Count Me Out
And You Dont Know A Thing About Me
But You Still Have Your Doubts.
What Did I Say?
Did I Get In Your Way?
Forgive Me
But I Dont Need Your Opinion Of Me
With You Not Here I Can Still See
So Let Me Breathe
Let Me Be
Let Me Breathe

You're love cupid, yeah you've got me in a chokehold
And i've gotta say you're veins are feeling so cold
Hold me back with a ripple effect
I've got a license now to say im useless
Stuck in an abyss of a black hole
Only the devil knows that I began to sell soul
There's now nothing left for me to do
But to open heart and let it all through

Hold me
Help me
Through All Of This

Can't Find
Closed Mind
To Your Sight

What Can I Say?
Its Too Late For Me ¦ I Feel Hate
Another Minute Gone And I'm Running Out Of Time
Don't Say That Again In An Aim To Remind
Me Of What I Have To Do
Break, Crash- Relapse And Kill You
Forever We Hold On
To Mistakes We Know They're Wrong
Unable To Change That Past
So We Hold The Present And Make It Last
As Long As We Can Till It Hits Drain
And We Stare At You're Pain

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