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I am a writer and poet from Chippenham, Wiltshire. In 2009, I began writing short horror and mystery stories, while completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Music, Technology and Innovation at De Montfort University, Leicester. After playing bass guitar in a couple of local bands, teaching guitar and recording/producing solo works, I decided to explore other avenues to vent my creativity and quickly fell in love with writing, first and foremost, because you can write anywhere and a vast amount of my work has started life as scribbles made whilst staring out of a train window. Writing offers the attraction of not feeling restricted to one place.

My influences are varied but my interest is to create imagery through words. At the moment I am working towards completing my first comprehensive collection. The concept concentrates on our individual places in life, self-worth and choosing to do something because it’s what we want to do, instead of giving up and entering into activities that make us unhappy, whether it be a job we despise or living in a place that provides no opportunities. Ultimately, it asks the question is there an alternative way of living? Can we, as a society and individuals, prosper without secluding one another but still live outside the usual drab offered to us?

The romantic poets are a huge influence for me, as a person, as well as in my work, especially William Wordsworth. The way they lived their lives travelling and writing. The use of language and imagery that is produced from their lustful words, true renegades.

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